On the Town

Our little Bluffton is getting bigger and it’s losing some of our favorite things

Babbie Guscio
Babbie Guscio

We, at least some of us , are creatures of comfort. But our Bluffton comfort is getting to be less comfortable.

Recently, we Blufftonians bid a fond farewell to two of our revered family institutions — Teddy and Emmett McCracken at Stock Farm Antiques and Adam Simoneaux at Scott’s Meats. Both businesses have closed the doors of their beloved shops.

The McCracken’s Stock Farm Antiques shop has been in business since 1953 and Adam’s emporium since the 1970s. For those of us who were fortunate to know Emmett’s beloved mother Naomi and Adam’s adored grandfather George Scott, both of whom were Bluffton icons, we all raise a glass to toast them and thank them for the wonderful memories.

Life goes on in our little — or at least it once was — “Corner of Carolina.”

But somehow it won’t be the same.

Standard approach

Can you imagine trying to plug in an appliance or almost anything and finding you can’t. All of the mundane objects we are surrounded with have been designed to comply with standards, without which nothing would work or get done.

It took years and many professional minds to give us a remarkable set of standards with which to work. Thank heavens they did. Even the lowly 8x16 inch concrete block has very high standards dealing with size and it’s strength.

I always thought the whole standard thing was so boring. I never really paid much attention. In school we were subjected to standardized tests constantly and even when I was young, I wondered why we should all be alike.

Now I know that does not have to be the case with us humans.

But I sure am glad that when I plug something in, it works. Try that in Europe.

Means of escape

Here are some close by fun ways to escape.

For a little adventure, you can putter off to Daufuskie Island for a bit of relaxation and exploring. Haig Point , a private enclave on Daufuskie, has a 150 year old lighthouse where you can book overnight stays, complete with Maggie the resident spirit

Haig Point’s Strachan Mansion has four rooms that can be booked for two- to- three day packages including rounds of golf on the Haig Point course.

The Frances Jones House and the Hinson-White/Lesesne House, restored by the nonprofit Preservation South Carolina, are also available for overnight stays. The homes are part of a larger program to preserve Gullah-built dwellings on the island.

You will have to hop in your car to take advantage of a stay in a tree house on the Edisto River that comes complete with a canoe. The tree houses are offered through the Carolina Heritage Outfitters, and if you love roughing it, this could be the ticket for you.

How sweet it is

For those of you newcomers to our town who wanted to know how to make sweet tea, here is a simple recipe.

Boil three cups of water and add six orange pekoe- black tea blend tea bags.

Boil for a minute and remove from heat

Steep for 8-10 minutes.

Remove tea bags stir in 1/2 cup of sugar

Add six or seven cups of water and let cool.

Pour into a pitcher and if not using immediately, put in the icebox.

A question

For fun, does anyone know what an “Irish goodbye” is?

Please let me know.