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How a ‘re-gifted’ book delighted a mom, puzzled her sixth-grade daughter

Babbie Guscio
Babbie Guscio

Do you have a re-gifting closet?

A friend of mine’s mother had one she kept locked. Once in a while, we peeked inside when is was open but we had to be quick. The contents were highly secret. There were all sorts of soaps, lotions, hand towels dripping with lace and colorful embroidery of all sorts and a stash of various liquors. The cleaning lady was found to be sampling the “spirits” while dusting and cleaning, so we figured that was why it was always locked. She also had been adding water to the bottles that were sampled, which enraged my friend’s father.

I never could figure out how anyone could remember who gave what to who.

One birthday, I was given a book and inside the front cover was written “To my dearest friend Louise.....With Much Love, Eleanor.”

Well, my name is not Louise and I had no idea who Eleanor was. I was only in the sixth grade and the book was “Scarlet Sister Mary” by Julia Peterkin. When I showed her my present , my mother thought this whole scenario was hilarious.

It all went over my head, of course, and years later I found why.

Look up Julia Peterkin if you are not familiar with her novels. Her books aren’t exactly suitable for children.

A sweet visit

Oliver Kita’s recent chocolate gathering in Old Town was so much fun.

We tasted chocolate samples from around the equator and learned quite a bit about how the beans are harvested and made into the wondrous treat we all love. Oliver is charming and his visit to Bluffton was all too short. But he plans another visit soon. Thank you to The Pearl Kitchen and Bar for hosting the fete and welcoming us with open arms.

Pleasing puzzles

I discovered a wonderful treat while searching for unusual Christmas presents.

I thought of Nedra Brown and her family at once. The marvelous find was Liberty Puzzles, hand-cut wooden puzzles that are inspired by ones from the early part of the 20th century when the radio was the only family entertainment in the evening and on rainy days.

The company prints and mounts over 600 beautiful images ranging from botanical illustrations to vintage European travel posters. The puzzles are cut by lasers in whimsical shapes like animals and other fun objects on Oregon-sourced plywood in unique patterns that will fascinate you. The puzzles range from simple to “get everybody in here now.”

I think one or two of these lovely creations would make a fabulous gift that will provide hours of family fun or an unusual party treat. Go to libertypuzzles.com to see the charming offerings.

Love seafood?

There’s a fun event coming up in February.

On Feb. 23, you are invited to Honey Horn Plantation for a Saturday Seafood Festival from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Tickets are $10 each and if you are hankering for seafood, don’t miss this. Go to hiltonheadseafoodfestival.