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An Old Town Bluffton shower combines good food, good friends and a lovely setting

From left, Connie Kitzmiller of the Bluffton Tea Company, Babbie Guscio, and Campbell Guscio, 7, Babbie’s granddaughter.
From left, Connie Kitzmiller of the Bluffton Tea Company, Babbie Guscio, and Campbell Guscio, 7, Babbie’s granddaughter. Submitted photo

The invitation read: ”Join us to Celebrate the Marriage of Brannon Sulka and Patrick Edgerton.”

Who could refuse that?

Celebrate we did at a lovely luncheon shower at the Pine House. Joanie Heyward and Gloria Underwood were the hostesses for the day. We were greeted at the door by Joanie, whose Pine House is always a wonderful setting for marvelous soirees. Mimosas were served to everyone as guests greeted each other and chatted.

Gloria, looking charming in a lace blouse and hot pink shoes, was bustling about in the kitchen readying our lunch.

Guests took their seats at the beautiful tables adorned with flowers and heirloom china, enjoying the delicious food both hostesses had prepared.

After we had polished off the divine dessert, it was time for the adorable Brannon to tackle the fun process of opening her beautifully wrapped gifts. Sitting next to Brannon and helping keep track of who gave what was her very cute sister Haley, who was doing a fabulous job as keeper of the list.

Beaming with pride was mother of the bride to be, Lisa Sulka our ever-present mayor of Bluffton. As a matter of fact, I personally think our Mayor Sulka is amazing because of her ability to be everywhere for every town function, any time of day or night.

Mary Reeves, looking as beautiful as ever, was with daughters-in-law Connie and Corinne. Kathy Stanas, Kim Trask, Ivy Tuten, Ella and Angela Wyman, Druella Schultz, Melissa Parrish and Loretta Wells were just some of the guests who felt very lucky to be a part of the fun.

Care for a spot of tea?

What a fabulous treat we recently had.

Dorothy, Campbell and I were invited to afternoon tea at the beautiful Old Town Bluffton Inn, which recently opened.

We were so excited because it was the debut of the newly launched effort of Connie Kitzmiller’s Bluffton Tea Company’s tea ceremonies at the Bluffton Inn. We arrived promptly at 3 p.m. and were greeted by Connie and Margaret Johnson, who is the general manager of the inn.

The tables were set with linen , beautiful china and a lovely assortment of sandwiches, crumpets,cookies and various sweets.

Bluffton Tea is a local company focused on small batch artisan loose tea blends. Connie has contracted with local artists, using their paintings on the charming labels affixed to the packaging. For the perfect tea party, it offers offer a variety of luxury teas, herbs, fruits and flowers that taste delicious and smell amazing.

We sat down at the lovely table and were presented with a large variety of teas from which to pick. It was a very rare moment, sipping tea and eating crumpets in the Bluffton Inn. We were thrilled to be part of.

Connie is offering special tea parties once a month at the inn and I feel certain they will be very successful.

Before we set off, Margaret offered us a tour. I know you will love the furnishings and the ambiance.

The inn is comprised of 5 standard extra large bedrooms and 9 king bedrooms, all furnished in different styles.

For information about Bluffton Tea Company, go to info@blufftontea.com.

For information about Old Town Bluffton Inn, go to blufftoninnsc.com.

Who are you again?

Here is a crazy word for you: lethonomia.

It’s the inability to recall someone’s correct name.

How often has that happened to you?

Lots I bet; me for sure!