On the Town

Things are about to get very sweet in Old Town Bluffton

Master chocolate maker Oliver Kita is coming to Bluffton.
Master chocolate maker Oliver Kita is coming to Bluffton. Submitted photo

We have a very “sweet” treat headed to Bluffton.

Master chocolatier Oliver Kita will present a decadent, two-hour chocolate extravaganza from 3-5 p.m. Jan. 31 at The Pearl Kitchen + Bar at 55 Calhoun Street in Old Town.

Oliver’s gourmet chocolate emporium in Rhinebeck, N.Y., is considered one of the finest of its type in the Untied States. In fact, it is in the nation’s top ten.

.Oliver will be enroute from Miami, where he will attend a chocolate festival there before heading for one in North Carolina.

While in Bluffton, he will visit with his Bluffton families Bill and Nedra , Mitch and Laurie Brown and Lori and Peter Kraft. Oliver loves Bluffton and even sources items from our area to use in his bon bons.

While enjoying the fun event, we will learn how cacao is grown and harvested around the equator. Guests will taste chocolate samples from five of the top regions in which the beans grow.

We might also discover our own personal relationship to chocolate. We all have one and will enjoy a delightful, interesting presentation. Guests will leave the chocolate frivolity with chocolate samples personally concocted by Oliver.

The cost is $20 per person which includes the presentation and the chocolate samples. There is a cash bar . Reservations are required and must be made by January 25.

Tickets may be purchased online or at The Store on Calhoun Street .

Of storks and Groucho

I love birds, and one of my favorites are wood storks.

Wood storks are the largest wading bird in America and the only breed of its type here. They were once on the endangered species list but are making a wonderful comeback.

They have migrated up here because of the tremendous human encroachment on their breeding grounds in Florida. I am grateful they decided to move here because I love to watch them feeding and in flight.

They have long black beaks which remind me of Groucho Marx and his ever present cigar. They walk along in the water and dip their beaks along in the mud, which is rather comical.

When in flight, they are in a “V” formation and it is a beautiful sight, both early in the morning when they are setting out for the day and in the evening when they are on their way back to their nests.

So if you get up early or head out to see the sunset and live near the water, be on the lookout for them.

They’re one more reason to love living here.

Drinking a bit of history

I found a source for tea that comes from the same English company that supplied the tea that incensed us Yanks and help spark the American War of Independence.

The tea is called Boston Harbour Tea and can be ordered by going to wwwmarktwendell.com.

I gave some along with a teapot as Christmas presents. It was a big hit and even better, it is very good.