On the Town

A visit to an Old Town Bluffton store unites friends, both human and otherwise

Jill Zizzi and Cha Cha.
Jill Zizzi and Cha Cha. Special to The Bluffton Packet

This past week has found my store awash in lovely visitors.

I always look forward to meeting fun, interesting people. Sometimes they are from far away and, very often, I wish I could spend more time with them. But I know they are a momentary treat.

Jill Zizzi lives in Hampton Lake and moved here from Texas. Jill breezed in with her adorable four-legged Cha-Cha.

Cha-Cha, a Chihuahua, is a tiny little charmer very well behaved and so friendly it was amazing. My granddaughter Campbell was enchanted with her and the feeling was mutual by all accounts. Jill and Cha Cha had come to Bluffton to have lunch at The Cottage just down the street from me.

We spent time talking and I learned Jill’s father was with IBM International and that she spent many years in Europe going to school. She is fluent in several languages and at one time was a translator. Jill now has a pet-sitting service in her home and is certified to handle all sorts of dogs, even ones with special needs. I am sure we will visit with each other soon.

The crazy thing is that later on in the day two ladies were on the porch with what looked like a stroller. It turned out that it was a pet contraption and inside was another adorable dog. The dog’s name is “Jessie James” “J J” for short.

J J is a 14-year-old rescue and she unfortunately is deaf. But one would never know because she is very alert and cute as a button. The two friends had come for a holiday on Hilton Head and discovered Bluffton. They are from Noblesville, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis. We had a grand time talking and I found out all about the town they are from.

Noblesville has many Victorian houses with big porches complete with turrets, and there are lots of farms in the area. It all sounded very quaint and cozy.

One wonderful surprise for me was a visit with Sheree and Bayley Wright. The two had just returned from a trip to Paris and were full of excitement. Bayley lives in New York where she helps in the production of Saturday Night Live. Sheree and I got to know each other when she helped in the tea room that used to be in my store.

Sheree and Bayley drove up from Florida to help another daughter Casey, a sculptor , with her installation at the Public Art Exhibition on Hilton Head at Honey Horn. Casey and her husband Kurt Schachner drove quite a distance bringing with them her marble beach umbrella composition which will be on exhibit with 19 other sculptures through Jan. 31, 2019.

Casey joins other internationally recognized artists in this annual outdoor event. Admission is free.

Lost bottle found

I found what I think is a funny snippet in the New York Times.

A lady lost her new pink water bottle in New York while she was on her way home from an outing. She had put her phone number on the bottle .

When she got home there was a message from a man telling her he had found the bottle. He also told her he was going to hide it and where to go find it in a bright yellow newspaper box.

She followed his directions to the newspaper box and lo and behold there it was on top of a stack of newspapers.

Later that day, by using caller ID, she called to thank him. . She asked him how in the world he had thought to hide it in the newspaper box. He told her that was the safest place he could think of because nobody reads newspapers anymore.

What’s that sound?

Do you know what psithurism means? It is a word of Greek origin and this time of year it comes in handy.

It is the sound of rustling leaves, which will happen soon around us.