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Why an Alabama bride-to-be said ‘yes’ to her wedding dress but ‘no’ to a TV show

Katie and Aaron Clayton
Katie and Aaron Clayton

I was in Atlanta not long ago to do some shopping.

We were having supper late one afternoon in a very crowded restaurant with people seated all around us. We could not help overhearing a group seated behind us talking about an upcoming wedding. They had come to Atlanta from Alabama in search of a wedding dress and dresses for the bridesmaids. The group included the bride-to-be, her mother and all of the bridesmaids. The mother was talking about the fact that the television show “Say Yes To The Dress” had been in the bridal shop filming a segment of the show.

The bride-to-be — she had found the perfect dress — had refused to be filmed for the program. much to the amazement of the television crew.

Well, that did it for me! I simply had to get up and walk over to meet the ladies. All three of the little girls in our family think the “Say Yes” show is the best thing since peanut butter and jelly. (Obviously at certain times I do not suffer from “xenophobia,” the irrational fear of strangers, foreigners or anything that is foreign.)

I introduced myself to the “wedding party” and asked about all of the details of their experience and explained to them that I wrote a column for my local newspaper and this story was a perfect snippet for me.

The bride-to-be, Katie Morris, was adorable and said she could care less about being on television, especially in her newly found wedding frock.

They were all charming and we chatted for a few minutes until our suppers were served. Katie’s wedding was Aug. 11 and she is now happily married to Aaron Clayton. Katie and Aaron went to Barbados for their honeymoon and have settled into a new life in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

And, I the nosy reporter, wish them much happiness.

Ahoy, Capt. Ru-Ru

Ah Rufus Weaver.

Where do I begin?

We have known Rufus, aka “Ru-Ru,“ for many years. Rufus is a man of many talents which include building houses, rugby, sailing the waters all around our area and beyond, being the husband of Barbara Ann, animal lover and golf cart driver always at the ready.

Capt. Ru-Ru’s Charters is Rufus’ latest venture.

He is a Untied States Coast Guard licensed captain and has spent most of his life in Bluffton fishing, surfing, paddle boarding and navigating the local waters of the Lowcountry since 1978.

Capt. Ru-Ru offers many different adventures including dolphin tours, sunset tours on the water,paddle boarding — just about any water related jaunt you might wish to take.

I can’t think of anyone who knows as much about our local waters with as much personality and, best of all, knowledge as the Ol’ Capt. Ru-Ru.

So for a fun interesting time call 1-843-227-3800.