On the Town

Creative twins provide double the delight during visit to an Old Town landmark

Babbie Guscio
Babbie Guscio

I have met many interesting people who, over the years, have stopped by my store.

A week or so ago, I had the great pleasure of getting a double dip of charm and fabulousness. Two ladies came in and I noticed they looked quite a bit alike.

They had me at "hello." We started talking, and could have chatted all day. As it turned out, they were twins and both are very in tune with the world and most everything in the universe. Annie LeCraw Yarborough and Nance LeCraw Wolff are natives of Atlanta but now live in North Carolina and both are involved in many artistic endeavors.

Annie is an amazing artist with a very unusual way of painting. Her son Hollon lives in Atlanta where he is an award winning DJ with Amp'd Intertainment. In fact until September, he will be featured at the Atlanta Botanical Garden every Thursday evening at its summer cocktail soirees, which should be great fun if you are visiting the Peach State.

Annie has dyed her hair blue because she is very fond of that color. It looks very cool and suits her perfectly. It is a good thing because she looks just like her sister. (You know that crazy thing people say when they see two people who look just alike? Well, I refrained from uttering that.)

Nance has a passion for daylilies.

Nance if fact has created over three thousand varieties of them at her farm GaGa Gardens and Daylily Farm near Cary, North Carolina.

Her garden is named after her grandmother's southern nickname rather than the singer Lady Gaga.

Among the daylilies tended to at GaGa Gardens are prized pet goats, chickens and turkeys.

Both Annie and Nance grew up in Atlanta with their grandmother, whose passion for gardening and music. It was a wonderful inspiration to them. Their grandmother also founded the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

All I can say about my two new friends is I hope I see them again very soon. It was a real treat to meet this amazing creative duo.

Handbags as funky art

I was interested in an article that appeared in a recent Sunday New York Times.

Judith Leiber, the world famous designer of amazing handbags that are considered works of art, died recently in New York just hours after her husband passed away.

Mrs. Leiber and her husband Gerson, who was a painter, lithographer and sculptor, were married for an amazing 72 years and enjoyed enormous success.

This was of interest to me because here in Bluffton we have our own Judith Leiber of sorts — Molly Carrington.

Molly is a very creative person who is always thinking of fun things to make as is her husband Ben Turner.

At the Bluffton Festival recently, Molly had a collection of her funky handbags for sale. My daughter bought two of them, both made out of ties Molly found at thrift stores.

There were pocketbooks made out of vintage festival tee shirts that were very cool; hand bags made out of gloves; rings children could make themselves out of pipe cleaners and buttons; and a wonderful selection of oddities.

Molly also makes punched tin candle holders out of old soup cans that are adorned with palm trees and other local scenes.

Molly holds arts and crafts parties that are wonderful for a fun birthday gathering or just to a give time out for mamas.

If you are interested in a party, email Molly at mollyandben@hargray.com or call her at 843-816-4537.