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How a Bluffton dynamic duo is planning a wedding Old Town will long remember

Babbie Guscio
Babbie Guscio

Here's a shout out to Angela Wyman and Druella Schultz.

This wonderful sister dynamic duo are two busy bees. Angela's son Hampton just turned fifteen and got his learner's permit to drive. Poor Hampton has had to take a back seat for several months to something even more exciting for the whole family. Mama Angela, Auntie Druella — think southern Auntie Mame — are in the midst of planning Angela's daughter Ivy's wedding in July to Corey Tuten. Corey hails from Ridgeland, just up the road.

Angela and Druella, with the help of many dear friends, have frolicked about the area searching for the perfect wedding attire for the whole cast of wedding characters. Ivy has two beautiful sisters Ella and Emma Margaret. who have been a wonderful part of the whole "Tuten Down the Aisle" affair that had its' start last Christmas Eve.

The whole family has been enjoying the wonderful round of parties given for Ivy and Corey — mostly for Ivy. Whoever saw a groom sitting politely at a kitchen shower?

Lisa Sulka and Mary Herbkersman hosted a lovely cocktail party several weeks ago for Ivy at Lisa's beautiful Stock Farm home. The guests included Ivy's bridesmaids and lots of treasured friends sharing hugs and lots of laughter.

Over at Estill Beach last week, family friends and kissing kin shared a delicious luncheon hosted by Sandy Rhodes and Julia Causey. The setting was gorgeous, overlooking the beautiful May River at Sandy's home that lovingly hugs the banks of the river. Everyone agrees Ivy will be a beautiful bride and we can't wait to see her walk the walk into her new life with her beloved Corey.

Bluffton's Dr. Doolittle

Laura Sterling joins the list of Bluffton's marvelous Doctor Doolittles.

She, along with several others, rescue and save injured animals of all makes and models. The latest batch of animals included an opossum whose mother had been struck by a car. The little animal was found by a passerby clinging to his lifeless mother's back.

There were several others who did not survive but "Archie" did, with lots of tender care. I bet he's the first opossum to arrive, without much fanfare, on Daufuskie Island on a recent Sunday via boat to have lunch.

Laura tucked him into a little Snuggy and off they went for a beautiful Sunday outing. Laura reported that Archie seemed to enjoy himself even though several other visitors were a bit skeptical of the furry critter.

Laura has a charming little vegetable farm on Malphrus Road. Stop by to buy some goodies and get to know this wonderful animal lover.

'Where are ya'll from?'

I recently got an interesting note from my friend Cheryl Raugh. She and I were involved for years in the Bluffton Dog Park comings and goings. (I am so glad the dog park is on the way).

Cheryl recently visited Abbeville, S.C. with her husband, who has been working there on a project. Their visit happened to be during the town's Spring Festival, so there was lots to do and see.

Abbeville is a charming little southern town sporting many beautiful houses that, at this time of year, are open to the public. On a tour through the historic Burt-Stark home, they were asked by the docent "where are y'all from?"

They told her Bluffton.

That was all they needed to say.

The docent happened to be Jenny Kelly. Jenny and Bess Soper taught kindergarten at the old Michael C. Riley School on Goethe Road — torn down now and home to a beautiful sports complex.

Jenny is probably one of old time Blufftonians favorite people, and the children she taught loved her very much.

Jenny and Bess were quite an amazing twosome and when those two folded their tents and left for other pursuits, the school was never the same. Bess is now a very successful caterer and Jenny has a farm and other interests near Abbeville.

If you have time, Abbeville is not far away and would make a lovely weekend jaunt.

A Savannah 'speakeasy'

My daughter and I hop in the car and go to Savannah two or three times a month.

We always go on Mondays and have an awful time finding a place to lunch.

But I think we found a fun place. Prohibition on Martin Luther King Boulevard is open for lunch, brunch, dinner and late at night.

It is retrofitted to look like a speakeasy from the 1920s and they did a great job.

The food is good, the vibe is cool and there is live music Thursday,Friday and Saturday,

Prohibition is next to The Grey, so you could nibble on something and have a drink at both places to try them out.

You'll like them both.