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Finding a parade-worthy Bluffton Easter bunny is not as easy as it looks

Two of Bluffton's finest share a moment with the Easter Bunny on Calhoun Street during the children's parade.
Two of Bluffton's finest share a moment with the Easter Bunny on Calhoun Street during the children's parade. Special to The Bluffton Packet

One of the biggest challenges I have each Easter Parade day in Bluffton is the "bunny" business.

Finding a suitable bunny has sometimes presented a sticky wicket of sorts. I have corralled all sorts of standins and once or twice even finagaled two of the furry critter, which took several Bloody Marys and lots of pleading.

The bunny also has to be very careful because his "head" can fall off if he bends over and I know that would scare the dickens out of everyone.

The bunny also has to remain calm at all times because some of the little children are horrified at the sight of him. There were several screaming their little lungs out this year. The miracle of miracles happened last year. I found a teenage bunny standin who thinks it is very cool to play the part.

We almost had a wardrobe malfunction this year as the bunny grew to six feet and I thought we wouldn't be able to squeeze him into his zoot suit. He managed nicely although his feet barely fit into his furry slippers. After greeting the children and photograph taking the bunny hopped in a golf cart and rode through town to the delight of many because a bunny sighting doesn't happen often.

Easter morning found my sister Catherine and I at the beach with my son Jamie , daughter-in-law Lori, their children Patterson and Lily, Lori's family and lots of others at a beautiful sunrise service.

The weather was perfect and I must say on a Sunday morning at 6 a.m. there is not much traffic on 278. Later in the day back on Hilton Head, we joined Nancy Jones and her fiance Joe Harwell for a celebratory brunch at their house on North Forest Beach. It was a lovely ending to a beautiful weekend.

How our garden should grow

I was thinking that since we live in an eccentric little town we should have an eccentric garden structure somewhere on our town gardens.

In the 18th century, the British began designing fabulous buildings that had no meaning except to give a certain enjoyment to the viewer. These fantastic buildings are called follies and are designed to trick the eye and encourage curiosity.

Perhaps Wally Palmer and crew could come up with a wonderful design for the soon to be renovated Squire Pope House..There is a large yard and in my mind I see a fabulous folly beckoning to me.

What's in a name (tag)?

I was not a fan of name tags.

It seemed to me to be a chore and an affront of sorts to stick or pin name labels on your clothes. I am very near-sighted so I had to get really close to someone to see their name.

I also thought it looked rather odd to be staring at certain parts of the anatomy and squinting to read the name written on the card. Sort of like Lily Tomlin when she plays the part of the telephone operator in that very funny skit.

Now I have changed my tune.

Lately I have been to events where the names are neatly printed and the letters are big enough for me to read and I can pretend that I know everyone in the room and suddenly I have fifty or so "friends" that I have never seen in my life.

Celebrating our village

Get ready for the annual Bluffton Village Festival.

It takes place every year in May on the Saturday before Mother's Day. This year the fun happens on May 12.

To set the record straight — as I do each year — the festival is not called Mayfest.

I named it so that we will always remember that in 1978, when I founded the festival, Bluffton was a small "village" that was overlooked by many.

We welcome everyone to join in the fun day and celebrate with all of us the 41st annual Bluffton Village Festival..