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Fireworks, Bluffton’s ‘Artist in Residence,’ Clark the rescue dog, and good local eating

Doug Corkern should be Bluffton's official 'Artist in Residence.'
Doug Corkern should be Bluffton's official 'Artist in Residence.' Staff file photo

This is the time of year we pause to celebrate the birth of our beloved America.

A very brave group of men gathered together proposing to seek freedom from England. We were in the midst of the bloody Revolutionary War with that country.

It was 243 years ago when 56 delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies gathered to sign the Declaration of Independence that would free us from British rule. On July 4, every year since 1776, Americans have gathered to celebrate freedom. We are grateful for those brave men who had the courage and spunk to establish our United States of America.

Here in Bluffton many of us celebrate it with family and friends, barbecue and fireworks — and remembering our forefathers.

Doug Corkern

Doug and Jean Corkern are Bluffton treasures.

I nominate Doug for Bluffton’s “Artist in Residence,” a title I hope that Mayor Lisa Sulka will bestow on him.

He is much like the artists of long ago who traveled through the countryside drawing and sketching people and things that they found interesting.

Doug is never without his sketch pad and trusty pencil and in the blink of an eye puts on paper charming drawings of life in our town. Doug produces drawings in such a way that a photograph cannot do.

He and Jean retired from his architectural pursuits on that faraway island of Hilton Head, South Carolina, built a wonderful house behind my store, and have called Bluffton home for many years.

You can see Doug’s work at Four Corners Art Gallery, or like him on Facebook. He quite often posts his sketches there. Or ride around Bluffton, where you might spy him drawing something.

Clark the dog

Mark and Erin Reichert and their three adorable girls are neighbors of ours and we have had the great pleasure of watching those three little charmers grow up.

Yesterday, I noticed a post Erin put on Facebook. It was a post of the most adorable dog I think I have ever seen. The dog is black and white and his name is Clark.

Clark was living at the Hilton Head Humane Association shelter when on a lucky day for all when in walked Erin and the girls. Well, it was love at first sight for all concerned.

Daddy Mark was thrilled to finally get a “son” and Clark has taken to his new family like a “duck to water.”

You will see them walking around Old Town and when you do stop and shake Clark’s paw and welcome him to Bluffton.

Pour Richard’s

We enjoyed a very fun party recently at Pour Richard’s restaurant. The Alliance Group Realty invited clients, friends and company Realtors to mingle and nosh delicious food that Richard and Ally prepared. My favorite was the chicken satay that was served on skewers stuck into pineapples. Oh, my goodness, were they good. Pour Richard’s is a delightful place where no one is a stranger and the food is top drawer.