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Here comes the bride, there goes the rain for Sulka wedding on the May River in Bluffton

Babbie Guscio
Babbie Guscio

Outdoor weddings can be tricky. The weather has to cooperate and the venue must be beautiful.

For several months leading up to the wedding I recently attended ... it was an outside affair .... grass had been planted and neither man nor beast was allowed to walk near it. Corinne and Michael Reeves, close friends of Lisa and John Sulka, had offered their home as the site for Brannon Sulka’s wedding.

The setting is gorgeous, situated on the banks of the lovely May River, and one could not ask for a more perfect spot. The weather though had been “iffy” all day.

The morning started off with fog ... then a bit of rain ... then it was muggy and rather warm ... then cloudy again. It was a mixed bag most of the day into the afternoon. I changed clothes several times, not quite sure what to wear, and I could imagine the bride and her entourage were a bit concerned too.

The hour of the ceremony arrived with the guests all seated on the beautiful and, until now, untouched grass. There was nary a bit of rain to dampen any of our spirits, and lovely music by the “Two Strings are Better Than One” was wafting around us.

The Reeves’ house is two stories with a beautiful stairway leading down to the yard. Brannon and her father, John, descended the stairs on cue from the music, arm-in-arm as we all watched in awe.

Brannon’s dress was very simple and a gorgeous color I call candlelight. Another Bluffton bride who picked the perfect dress to wear for her special day.

Waiting at the “altar” was the groom to be, Patrick Edgerton, and the celebrant, Samuel Robinowich, Brannon’s childhood friend. Samuel is a nondenominational minister and performed the ceremony with great love and charm. Lisa, as you may know, is Bluffton’s mayor and was dressed in a beautiful charcoal sheath complete with a funky pair of red suede shoes. I think those shoes were a lucky charm that kept the rain away.

After the short ceremony we all hopped in our cars and headed to Venue 1223 for the very fun reception. Lots of toasts to the new Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Edgerton followed as we nibbled and sipped happy as could be to be included the beautiful day.

Tall time in Savannah

My daughter Tat and I recently spent a wonderful Friday in Savannah at a portion of the Savannah Antiques & Architecture Weekend. We attended Lunch & Learn with interior designer Carlton Varney, who gave a fun account of the time he spent with well-known decorator Dorothy Draper. We were treated to some inside gossip about their clients and were entertained nonstop.

One fun part of the day was seeing Mrs. Draper in an old Edward R. Murrow interview and hearing her voice and quirky responses to his questions. She was very eloquent and rather glamorous and I did not know she was over 6 feet tall. She reminded me a bit of Julia Child. Both were well-educated and must have been fun to be around, and both were over 6 feet tall.

After a delicious lunch and a sip of Madeira wine, we got to meet Mr. Varney (he is very handsome, by the way) and have him autograph our books.

Hats off to The Mansion on Forsyth Park hotel for a lovely two hours in a beautiful setting.