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Anyone want to buy a Beaufort fire station? -- City property for sale

Beaufort's fire station at 2519 Mossy Oaks Road is on a list of city property that could soon hit the market.
Beaufort's fire station at 2519 Mossy Oaks Road is on a list of city property that could soon hit the market.

Who wants to buy a former Beaufort fire station?

The city is hoping someone does. The cinderblock building on Mossy Oaks Road will no longer be needed when a new fire station opens in the coming weeks on Ribaut Road.

The property, which includes an adjacent playground, is among a list of nine properties the city will put on the market in December. Minimum bid for the fire station and playground: $180,000.

The listings will be on the city's website next week and bids accepted through the middle of January, city manager Bill Prokop said.

"Land we don't have any use for, we don't see any use for in the foreseeable future, we'll put on the market and let the private side do what it wishes with it," Prokop said earlier this month.

City Council voted Tuesday to authorize listing the property. Among the contingencies are that bids include a check for 10 percent of the bid price and that the property is sold in its current condition.

Of the properties on the list, all but the fire station and a storage facility on Prince Street are empty lots. A lot at the intersection of Ribaut Road and North Street is restricted to being used for outdoor recreation only.

Two of the lots, both on Capehart Drive, are in the Laurel Bay area and outside city limits.

The listings are part of a city effort to get extra property on its tax rolls as it looks for more money during a tight budget year.

The city recently agreed to sell the former site of City Hall to tenant Lowcountry Produce for $725,000.

A list of city property open for bidding soon and minimum bid prices:

  • 1 Capehart Drive, $25,000
  • 3 Capehart Drive, $20,000
  • Barnwell Street Extension, $20,000
  • 2307 Pine Court South, $20,000
  • 1209 Prince St. (storage building), $30,000
  • 410 Ribaut Road, $60,000
  • 411 Ribaut Road, $40,000
  • Corner Greene and Baggett streets, $15,000
  • South Hermitage Road, $20,000
  • 613 Arnold Drive, $10,000
  • 1932 Duke Street, $15,000
  • 2519, 2521 Mossy Oaks Road (fire station, playground), $180,000
  • 1416 Pigeon Point Road, $20,000

Updated parking rules passes first vote

Beaufort's parking rules could be updated soon based on recommendations from a months-long panel study.

The new regulations passed a first vote by City Council on Tuesday and need one more approval to pass.

Most of the changes are the result of a city panel that studied downtown parking issues for months earlier this year. The updates are aimed at creating more turnover in parking spaces on Bay Street and keeping employees from clogging prime spaces, among other issues.

Under the updated rules, if approved:

  • Parking from Bay Street to Port Republic, including side streets, will be $1 per hour. Parking will be 50 cents an hour on side streets north of Port Republic and on Craven Street.
  • Hours will move later, from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m. Parking will remain free on Sundays and holidays.
  • Also $1 per hour will be the marina lot, library lot, playground lot, saltus lot and Scott Street lot.
  • Time limits will be two hours on Bay Street and side streets to Port Republic. On Port Republic and side streets north, the limit will be four hours.

Free two-hour holiday parking begins after Thanksgiving and runs through New Year's Day.

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