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3 men lost in fog on Port Royal Sound rescued Friday

Three boaters were rescued from Port Royal Sound on Friday night after they became lost and disoriented in the fog.

The men, who were shrimp-baiting, got lost in the fog and contacted the Coast Guard on a cell phone, which died during the conversation, said Dick Jennings, a spokesman for Beaufort Water Search and Rescue.

The call came in around 8:30 p.m., and the search effort went on until midnight, Jennings said.

The men had been shrimping in a 15-foot Scout boat off the northern end of Bay Point Island earlier in the day when the fog rolled in.

Jennings said the search and rescue squadron, a volunteer organization which assists boaters in distress, launched two boats as part of the rescue effort and had a third on standby.

The men, who anchored their boat in order to be located easier, were eventually found.