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Rants & Raves: Readers react to DQ coming to Hilton Head, Social Security, girl recovering from shark bite

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On a Dairy Queen coming to Hilton Head Island:

There are way to many chains opening up on Hilton Head. We are supported by local business. That is what makes Hilton Head special and unique for vacationers. Courtney Violi

I've said it once before and I'll say it again...most people who run these franchises are LOCALS. Thus, you are still supporting your local friends and neighbors when you eat at these restaurants. Jan Lichterman

The so-called chains, which are usually locally owned franchises, are popping up based on demand of those living in and visiting the area. What local chefs do not offer, franchises can and do. Hilton Head is absolutely saturated with $20-50/plate restaurants, far too many of which simply are not any good and are simply tourist traps that remain largely void of locals in the off-season. Variety, not only in price point but also cuisine, is something this area has been lacking for years, but it is slowly being satisfied with new business openings that yes, happen to include regional or national franchises that are still almost entirely owned and operated by locals. Atlanta Bread is locally owned. So are the McDonald's, Popeye's, Zaxbys, Dairy Queens, Chik-fil-A, etc. World of Beer? Personally, I am thrilled it's coming to the island because there is not a single other place here that offers anywhere near the number of craft beers. The ratio of locally owned vs. large corporate/MNC restaurants is still highly in favor of locals. Greg Bennett

Who needs Dairy Queen? We need Arby's. Anthony James Sullivan

More fast food? Yuck! Patti Anne Poirier

What, no PF Chang's or Cheesecake Factory? R Tayloe Cook

Whoot whoot. Oreo snickers blizzard here I come. Saralyn O'Leary

On no cost of living increase for Social Security recipients in 2016:

What a crock of bull! For decades the government has been taking this money out of Americans' paychecks. And the employers have been matching it. The money is there. ... Hmmm so what is the government spending our money on? Donna Rowell

I can guarantee you that Congress will get their pay increases along with the wonderful health benefits. Our government is killing us slowly. Brenda L. Carr

My husband passed away before he drew a dime of his. There are a lot of people who are passing away before getting theirs. Where is that money going? I get mad every time they want to take money we paid in. Faye Brown

Main reason is gas prices? Because that is a stable way to forecast COL? I haven't seen my garbage bill go down with the decrease cost in gas, but they sure didn't waste time raising it. I suppose SS recipients can hold their breath that their SS will go up when gas goes up again? Cause that is probably the only thing you can count on other than taxes and death. Shannon Rindt

On a 9-year-old girl recovering from a shark bite:

Sending love and light. I'm so glad that all the right people were where they needed to be. Salina Robbins

Heal well, sweet girl! Nancy Pentico

Get well, sweet girl. Betty Goodman-Barcikowski

I would not let my kids in the ocean! Dalton Shonia

OMG! I was nervous this year, I may never go in the water again! Lol. Ilyssa Stubbs-Estigarribia

Get well quickly. I love her beautiful smile. Gray Wells

Glad this little girl will be OK! Jan Lichterman

Didn't even know this happened. God bless her soul. Christian Cheeco Grey

Blessed with beauty, strength and courage -- shine! Anne Lang

So glad she is OK. Thank you, Jesus. Sharion Evans

So nice to see her smiling! Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Cathy Copeland