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Rants & Raves: Beaufort County school board chairman, ship at Coligny park

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Readers react to the story, "Chairman Bill Evans resigns from the Beaufort County school board":

... All of this ridiculous mess that (superintendent Jeff) Moss, former Chairman Evans and several members of the board are involved in could have been avoided by a few simple steps involving complete honesty and transparency: When dealing with taxpayer money, keep detailed records and create a clear paper trail of events. Dr. Moss, when asked about the series of events/decisions that led to his wife's hiring for a newly created and high-paying position, could have said, "Look, I realize it looks bad but the proper process was followed and here is an exact timeline of events, backed up by these emails, memos, etc." Instead, we got a defensive, arrogant and passive-aggressive response claiming memory issues and that of strangers holding grudges against him. The only grudge we hold is being lied to ... Kimberly Morgan

I would like to see Moss replaced. Angela Tarpin

Difficult for all involved, but only way to reinstall trust in the system. Nepotism is just not right under any circumstance. Rusty Rosenberger

He needed to go; so does Moss -- get out! Liz Valentine

Moss should already be gone!! Beth Melchionne Petro

Now if Moss will do the right thing too! John Mathews

To the story, "Beaufort County School District, Moss at loss to pinpoint nepotism rule change":

Don't question me ... I'm better than you. Clearly expressed attitude. Joe Farrell

How convenient? How about the truth!! Carol Hartman

He changed the rule and he can't remember the date??!?... This is so bogus! Why are we/they entertaining all this (stuff) ... Mr. Moss, you need to follow Evans and resign! Your wife knew it was wrong; that's why she resigned last month ... Get it together. ... We the citizens of BCSD are not stupid, so please QUIT belittling our intelligence. Cara Russell

To the photo gallery, "Coligny Park expansion concepts released":

I have six little boys that I have to drive to the ship playground in Bluffton at least twice a week! Since we live on the island it would be nice to have one here! Lauren Loadholt Cirafesi

This drawing is to show the playground area and it will be shaded with trees that are currently there. They are not reflective in the drawing so that you can get a full view of Capt. William Hilton's ship. There are beautiful old hickory trees and oaks back there. Heather Malia Rath

I love it!!!!! My son will think this is the greatest!!! Nicole Metzger

One suggestion. Add something like (the Ability Swing wheelchair swing) to the playground. Make it as handicap accessible as possible. Lecia Gallimore Smith

Very cool! Carry on our history! Julie Mariotte

I can't wait to play on this.......with my kids of course!!!! Cheyenne Shaw-Brown

Great idea!!! Joshua Hirsch

Forest Beach is a densely-packed neighborhood where most people live in condos. There are no public playgrounds in the entire neighborhood, zero. This park is a necessity. Jack Daly

Parents like to be able to see their child, this structure looks difficult for that to be the case ... seems like it would be hard once they go inside. Swings, lots of them ... kids love to swing! Jennifer Lyn

Incredibly "tacky tourist." Carol Nelson

Yeah, more parks. Definitely needed because all the parks we have already built are way overcrowded, right ... If we only had a beach nearby so people would have a place to go. Jeff West