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She didn’t start the fight, but she sure did finish it

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When two adult brothers started fighting at a St. Helena Island home Friday afternoon, one of their wives broke it up with a pistol from the truck.

The woman and her husband both told deputies they had tried to contact the other brother several times about coming to remove a tree that the brother put in their yard on Tomahawk Trail, according to a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office report. When the brother showed up on his motorcycle that afternoon, they all allegedly had some words — some loud, some expletives — with one another.

When the brother “started to get off his motorcycle in a manner that concerned him” after having a exchanging some arguments with the wife, the husband slapped him in the face in an effort to protect her, according to the report. From there the fight escalated, and the men were soon on the ground, each claiming later that he was afraid for his life.

Neither would stop fighting, so the woman told deputies she went into the truck and took out the gun her husband keeps in the glove box and threatened to shoot if her brother-in-law didn’t let up, according to the report. He did. He left before deputies arrived but was interviewed by deputies is his own home later that day.

No one wanted to pursue charges, and neither brother had more serious injuries than “a few scratches,” according to the report. A trespass warning was issued against the brother, but he still has to come get the tree.

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