How I Live the Lowcountry: The Store's Babbie Guscio

Babbie Guscio, owner of The Store, stands for a portrait in her store Oct. 21, 2015, on Calhoun Street in Old Town Bluffton.
Babbie Guscio, owner of The Store, stands for a portrait in her store Oct. 21, 2015, on Calhoun Street in Old Town Bluffton. dearley@islandpacket.com

Longtime Lowcountry resident Babbie Guscio moved to Bluffton in 1972 from Paris

Originally from Evans, Ga., Guscio had moved to Paris, along with her husband, Don, and their then two small children, as a sort of pipe dream, she said. It also allowed the couple to be near the many extended family members they had between them.

After about six months of living their European dream, the couple decided it was too expensive, so they packed up the family to move to Bluffton, when Don was offered a job as a landscape architect at Sea Pines.

Moving from Paris to Bluffton, she said, was a bit of a culture shock since there were far fewer people in Bluffton. But Guscio soon settled in and, in 1978, decided to open her own business.

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Located in the heart of Old Town, The Store, at 56 Calhoun Street, features arts, antiques and "whatever comes across my path," Guscio said.

These days, when she isn't busy tending toThe Store, Guscio enjoys taking day trips with her daughter or playing with her three grandchildren. She also writes a weekly column for The Bluffton Packet.

Here, Guscio talks about her Bluffton.

EAT: One of my favorite places to eat is The Bluffton Room on the Promenade. I like the fried green tomatoes and things like that. They have a very new twist on Lowcountry cuisine.

There's also Agave (a margarita/taco bar) and the (Old Town) Dispensary has delicious hamburgers. I just like a plain hamburger. I don't even eat the bun. I just get a plain hamburger with ketchup and that's it. Oh, and Cahill's Market is another place I like to go. They do the whole farm to table thing and it's very good.

DRINK: Red Fish is nice for drinks. They have a beautiful fireplace so you can sit outside, now that it's getting cooler. It's very popular. They have a really nice patio and are open in the daytime. I usually don't go far away because I live right around the corner.

PLAY: I like to walk around Bluffton. I love walking around Bluffton actually. We like to go to the beach (on Hilton Head) but we also like to just go right around here and just stick our feet in the river.

I have three little granchildren -- all girls, under the age of 5 -- so I mostly go to their things like ballet and they also do soccer. They love to go to the playground (at Bluffton's DuBois Park) right down the street.

SEE: We like to go to Savannah to the Telfair (museum). That's my favorite place to go see art. I love the statues outside. We go to the Pink House restaurant when we go to Savannah. Savannah just has cute little places to go.

My daughter and I usually go to Savannah about once a week just to walk around and go to Forsyth Park. They have a fabulous playground. And you can hop on and off the Trolley and just ride wherever. We also love to go Charleston and over to Beaufort for little trips.

LISTEN: The (Old Town) Dispensary has pretty good music. I can sit on the front porch and listen. But Bluffton has great entertainment. We also like to go to the Arts Center (of Coastal Carolina) to the theater and we like to see plays at Main Street Theatre also.

I love when they (Arts Center of Coastal Carolina) had "Always Patsy Cline." I just loved it. I'd seen it before but it was so much fun. I have hard time not singing along.

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