Bluffton man pulls gun on Westbury Park neighbor because of loud music, report says

A Westbury Park resident pulled a gun on his neighbor Tuesday because he thought the neighbor was blasting music too loudly from his car, a Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office report says.

The man who pointed the gun was not charged.

“It was investigated, and it appears the victim did not wish to pursue further action,” Maj. Bob Bromage said Wednesday.

The neighbor told police he was in his driveway when the man started yelling and grabbing for a gun in his waistband as he approached his vehicle, the report says. He told the neighbor he had a concealed carry permit as he pointed the gun toward him.

Deputies found the man with the gun walking with a friend on the sidewalk of Kensington Boulevard, the report says.

A deputy overheard the man say, “‘They’re looking for me for pulling my gun,” the report said.

The report said the man appeared to be intoxicated with slurred speech, and the deputy could smell the odor of alcohol.

The man told police that he pulled the gun while confronting the neighbor about the music. He also said the neighbor threatened to kill him during the argument but told police the neighbor never presented a weapon.

After deputies left the scene, the man called police, saying he was threatened by an unknown female. The man told police the female presented a gun.

“(His) level of intoxication had increased since my last contact with him,” the report says. “It was difficult to understand what he was saying during the second interview.”

He also told police that if someone presented a firearm to him again that he would “mow them in half.”

He pointed to a semi-automatic sitting on the porch, the report says.

The man was instructed to go inside and not handle firearms while under the influence of alcohol.