“It was almost a miracle”: Beaufort shows up and bears cold for Christmas parade

The clouds parted just in time for the annual Beaufort Christmas parade Sunday, but the cold still made it an unusual experience for the event.

“It was almost like a miracle,” Pat Harvey-Palmer said Sunday. She added jokingly, “Everyone thinks I have powers with the Almighty. I’m going to keep working on that.”

Nearly every participant who signed up came out despite the cold, Harvey-Palmer said. She said about 10 groups out of the 100 dropped out.


“It was as good as it could be under the circumstances,” Harvey-Palmer said. “Some people dropped out, and I understand the groups with little kids and animals.”

The Marine Corp. Band — always a big draw for the parade — also was able to participate. There was some worry it could rain, and they would have to pull from the event as well.

IMG_3634 (1).JPG

“It was still a huge parade and everyone it it was still happy ..... and cold,” Harvey-Palmer said. “This is a parade people get excited about. It is the atmosphere of Christmas. There is a different attitude about this parade.”

The parade moved down Boundary Street, Adventure Street and Carteret just after 3 p.m. This is the first year the city organized the parade. It has been run by Main Street Beaufort in the past.