Here we go again! New buoy begins love affair with Hilton Head beach

Apparently, buoys love Hilton Head’s beaches as much as tourists and locals do.

Another one washed up Sunday — the second in less than a year — apparently pulled to shore by the morning’s high tide. It’s at rest on the beach in Port Royal Plantation at the island’s heel.

For the moment, nobody has claimed the buoy, said Alan Reece, general manager of Shore Beach Services.

He said he checked it out on Monday morning and called the U.S. Coast Guard, who said it was unaware of any missing navigational buoys. Coast Guard officials vowed to look into it, but as of Monday afternoon, Reece said he hasn’t heard from them. An attempt to reach the Coast Guard by an Island Packet reporter was unsuccessful.

The island’s latest visitor has the number 31A written on its side, but no other identifying markings.

“It’s just a plain old buoy,” Reece said. It’s about 6 feet tall.

Unlike the big red buoy that washed up on South Forest Beach in the wake of Tropical Storm Irma in September — becoming an instant tourist attraction — the new one is green.

It took about two months for the South Beach buoy to be retrieved.

Part-time Port Royal Plantation resident Sible Winebarger said that after hearing about the new buoy from a neighbor, she and her family went out to the beach see it Sunday evening.

She said the buoy is already becoming an attraction to people in her neighborhood.

“Everybody here in Port Royal has been taking photographs and walking down to take a look at it.”