Here's how much Beaufort County school district employees are making

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Helpful Hints

This database contains the names, positions and salaries of local public school district employees, as furnished by the agencies in response to South Carolina Freedom of Information Act requests.

Note that some employees may receive a higher amount beyond the salary listed because of contributions from private foundations, promotional contracts and other sources. Certain other employees might also have other compensation in addition to the base pay.

Generally, salaries of employees earning less than $50,000 a year are available in $4,000 ranges directly from the school district.

Private schools are not required to publicly release information about employee salaries.

Why do we publish this data?

The Beaufort County School District pays employees through state and local appropriations.

Search tips: To search by name, type in all or part of a name. (Example: "presley" or "pres" or "elvis.") Results are returned by last name.

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How old is the data and where does it come from?

The Island Packet and The Beaufort Gazette obtained the data through a South Carolina Freedom of Information Act request in January 2018.

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