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Celebrate your patriotism by becoming organ donor

Yates Davis
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Thanks to Lynda Bouchard of Hilton Head Island for sharing a poem written by her late husband, Marine Corps veteran Yates Michael Davis.

She found the poem after her husband died in 2009 while awaiting an organ transplant. Lynda continues to urge people to register as an organ donor by going to the local S.C. Department of Motor Vehicles office, by visiting or by calling 877-277-4866.

Davis served in the Vietnam War and played trumpet in a Marine Corps band. He had a 30-year career in radio, and was a prolific writer.

Lynda thought this poem was an appropriate salute to the sacrifice of those in the armed services as the nation celebrates its freedom this weekend.

"A Proud and Worthy Man"

By Yates Michael Davis

There is a silky feel to the sand slipping through my fingers

I close my eyes and hear the children play.

The sun is warm and the soft sea breeze lingers

And I can hear distant music from where I lay.

I wish this were my home, my lasting summer,

To watch my sons run free and grow to men.

To dance beneath the Spanish moss with my daughter

And be true to only one, till my days end.

Oh Lord, I never thought I'd feel this peaceful,

My future waits as I rest upon this sand.

I have dreams of a life that will be of value,

As a caring friend; as a proud and worthy man.

There's a silky feel to the blood slipping through my fingers

My eyes are closed as I hear the soldiers scream.

The sun is warm but the stench of death still lingers.

I can hear the barking guns as in a dream.

I wish I were back at home just one last summer.

To see my sons before they're fully grown.

To dance just one more time with my lovely daughter,

To tell my wife she will never be alone.

Oh Lord, I never thought I'd feel this peaceful.

Life was short -- now I fade upon this foreign sand.

I am leaving now, ever slowly, no longer painful,

Please remember me as a proud and worthy man.

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