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Catch 22 excels at preparing fresh local seafood

When visitors to Hilton Head Island lookfor seafood, they often assume that thefreshest catches are to be found waterfront.Au contraire!

One of the best seafood dining experienceson the island is at Catch 22. This south endrestaurant tucked away on New Orleans Roadis home to inspired nightly seafood specialsand many other delicious dishes.

Thanks to a network of local captains,Chef Bryan Bobinchuck always has an incrediblyfresh selection from which to craftenticing dishes. The blackfin tuna pictured atleft was brought in straight off the boat byCaptain Huff, and the freshness was apparentin the fish's flavor and texture."I love preparing tuna rare like this whenit is incredibly fresh," said Bobinchuck."The delicate flavor of the fish really shinesthrough."

An avid fisherman himself who's out on thewater every chance he gets, Bobinchuck is amaster of pairing flavors to best accent thedaily catch. He draws inspiration from Asianand Spanish culinary traditions, where seafoodis a mainstay.

With the exciting addition of ChefRussell Daken from Daufuskie, he is alsodelving deeper into Lowcountry elements."It's been fun learning his secrets," saidBobinchuck. "His sauces and soups inparticular are outstanding."

Incorporating local ingredients extendsbeyond seafood at Catch 22. The restaurant'sowners (Bobinchuck and his wife Daisy, andPenny and Gary Duren) maintain their ownorganic gardens which provide many of theherbs and vegetables used in their specials.Even in their main menu, they strive to use asmuch South Carolina produce as possible.

"Locally sourced food is naturally more flavorfuland healthy," said Daisy Bobinchuck."It really makes a difference in the quality."

As a starter, try the shrimp and lobsterstuffed portabella. The rich, almost meatytaste of the mushroom is paired with the moresubtle flavors of shrimp and crab. For thosewho fancy something other than seafood, thecrispy half duck is wonderful, especially as awinter meal. The skin is crispy, and the meatis succulent-perfectly cooked, and not at allgreasy.

Whether you choose one of their amazingseafood specials, or perhaps opt for a handcut "Prime" steak, you won't be disappointed.Reservations are highly recommended, particularlyif taking advantage of Catch 22's $16.95early dining special, which includes a glass ofred or white house wine, a Caesar or mixedgreen salad, and a choice from among sevenexceptional entrees.