Tyler’s boss talks Big Brother; Hilton Head lifeguard life before reality show stardom

Meet Tyler and Angela: The 2 Big Brother contestants from Hilton Head Island

Big Brother Season 20 contestants Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans are both from Hilton Head Island, S.C. Here's a little bit about each "player," and which one is predicted to win the grand prize of $500,000.
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Big Brother Season 20 contestants Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans are both from Hilton Head Island, S.C. Here's a little bit about each "player," and which one is predicted to win the grand prize of $500,000.

Spoiler Alert — Lifeguards on Hilton Head Island are getting used to beach-goers asking about lifeguard Tyler Crispen — a frontrunner on the 20th Season of Big Brother currently airing on CBS.

“People have literally driven to Hilton Head to see where Tyler lives,” said Mike Wagner, operations manager of Shore Beach Services and Crispen’s boss.

Crispen is predicted to win Big Brother by Gold Derby, a site that predicts “Hollywood races.” The website had him with 2/3 odds to win on Sunday. Sam Bledsoe trailed behind him with 8/1 odds.

Wagner said another co-worker also predicted Crispen could win Big Brother, before the show started, because he is highly liked by other staff. He has been a lifeguard on the island for five years.

The show started on June 27 and is about half-way through ,with its final episode expected to air Sept. 27, according to Gold Derby.

Crispen is one of two “house guests” with ties to Hilton Head Island. Angela Rummans, 26-year-old fitness model, lives in Playa Vista, California but grew up on Hilton Head Island.

Wagner said he was a little concerned when Crispen played the “dumb lifeguard stereotype” in the first episode of the show.

“There were some cringe-worthy things early on,” Wagner said. “They went away pretty quickly and he has been pretty good since.”

Crispen has proved he is capable of winning physical and mental challenges in the game. He also has managed to “play both sides of the house” with limited consequences as of yet.

Lifeguard staff is having fun watching Crispen navigate the game, Wagner said.

“It is a show I have never watched before,” Wagner said. “I am just watching it because he is on it.”

Crispen, however, is a fan of the show and Wagner said that could have something to do with his success.

“He has studied it,” Wagner said other staff members have told him. “He understands what is going on.”

House guests in the show are filmed 24/7 and are isolated from the outside world. Competitions narrow the number of contestants from 16 to one with the winner walking away with $500,000.

Making the “Jury” is considered a high achievement in the game. It is made up of the final house guests of each season.

Jury started Thursday for the 20th Season — This means Crispen and Rummans have reached this accomplishment. CBS tends to bring back notorious players that make it to jury for their other reality shows such as Amazing Race and Survivor. Sometimes jury members get a second or third chance at Big Brother.

CBS already seems to be a fan of Crispen’s, as fans saw him on Keven Hart’s “TKO” in July. The Hollywood Reporter claims Crispen taped TKO prior to entering the Big Brother house.

Rummans has flown under the radar for most of the season on Big Brother. She stepped into the spotlight last week after winning a head of household competition.

She also has garnered some of her own attention on the Internet.

According to People, Rummans and another contestant made statements about “skin color in a way many felt was racially insensitive and Rummans used the term “ghetto.’”

CBS later issued a statement saying those involved in inappropriate behavior and offensive comments were warned with future consequences, People reported. The statement did not name who was warned.

A third house guest also was scrutinized publicly for behavior that was unrelated to Rummans’ conversation.