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Savannah Cultural Arts Gallery exhibit features Samone Norsworthy

Discover a new unique artistic approach to the use of watercolor, pen, acrylics, and mixed media painting. The City of Savannah's Cultural Arts Gallery will present "Sea and Mythical Creatures" by Samone Norsworthy from July 11 through 25 at 9 W Henry St., Savannah.

The collection of watercolor, pen, acrylics and mixed media paintings captures live beneath the surface in vivid color. Norsworthy, whose love for art began with art lessons through Savannah's Department for Cultural Affairs at age 10, said her inspiration for painting sea creatures links to her grandfather, who immigrated to Savannah from Sweden and worked as a ship builder. She said she often begins her paintings by imagining how a child would see the creature. This is her first exhibition. An artist's reception will be from 5 to 7 p.m. July 11 at the gallery. Details: