Bluffton’s Pluff Mudd Gallery: Where good art becomes unstuck

“Roseated Spoonbill” a wood sculpture by Bob Berman is among the works on display at the Pluff Mudd Gallery
“Roseated Spoonbill” a wood sculpture by Bob Berman is among the works on display at the Pluff Mudd Gallery Submitted photo

The Pluff Mudd Gallery at 27 Calhoun Street in Bluffton will capture your imagination and charm you while fascinating you with the quality of the work, the diversity of the artists and the unique setting in which the works are exhibited.

A visit to Pluff Mudd feels a little like entering a friend’s home, an friend who values original artwork and crafts and displays it in the most engaging way.

The phenomenal abstract work of Vickie Jourdan caught my eye. Over time, I have appreciated her on-going artistic evolution, especially as it relates to her choice of mediums and her ever changing approaches to composition and application.

In the main gallery, I found the carefully detailed landscapes of Terry Brennan. He points out that his work - in watercolor and oil - are meant to describe the beauty and serenity of the Lowcountry.

In the second space, the paintings of Lynda Potter caught my eye. Known to the Bluffton community for a very long time, she creates the astonishing images of floral, architectural, and landscape settings. Her vibrant color choices, equally offered in watercolor or acrylic and her textured brushstrokes are hallmarks of her artistic style.

Further on, I found the incredibly attractive and functional outcomes created in wood by Doug West. He talked about his attachment to woodworking as he pointed out that if anybody asked him what motivates him, he’d respond...”I like to make sawdust!”

Nearby, in another small gallery, were the stunning sweetgrass baskets of Corey Alston.

The photography of Ed Funk fills much of the gallery. In an artist’s statement, Funk siad he hopes his photography captures in a millisecond what God created over a millennium.

Pluff Mudd lives up to its reputation - a distinctive gallery offering a wide variety of mediums in a wider variety of styles created by a group of talented artists and artisans, and exhibited in the most creative way.

The Leadership at Pluff Mudd

If someone were to ask “what is trending in Bluffton art galleries,” the appropriate answer would be galleries administered by artist partners and overseen by a board of directors.

The Pluff Mudd Gallery is a triumph of the artist-partner concept.

On the day of my visit to Pluff Mudd, Terry Brennan, a painter, and Ed Funk, a photographer, artistic partners, among 14 others, were in place, overseeing administrative matters. They all work diligently at their particular artistic bent, and toward the artful and gracious administration of the gallery.

“We all are enormously invested in the quality of the work which fills our gallery spaces...the look and the operation of the gallery...balanced with the quality of our work as participating artists,” said Brennan.

Artist, musician, teacher and writer Nancy K. Wellard focuses on portraying and promoting the cultural arts, first in Los Angeles and, for close to 30 years, in the Lowcountry. Email her at


Artists/ Paintings

Cheryl Eppolito - oil in a Lowcountry style

Terry Brennan - oil, in a Lowcountry style,

David Knowlton - acrylic, particularly landscapes

Michael Pearson - watercolorist, floral images and still life

Lynda Potter - acrylic, and watercolor, architectural, landscapes and floral images

Vickie Jourdan - acrylic, and mixed medium, abstract

Irene Williams - mixed medium, abstract

Mary Lester - acrylic, vibrant images, often whimsical

Ed Funk - photographic images, birds and Lowcountry settings

Donna Varner - photographer, Still Lifes and architectural images.

Dimensional Work

Bob Berman - wood carver, fine bird carvings

Jim Rennaue - wood turning, intricate smaller pieces

Doug West - wood turning, decorative and functional pieces

Steve White - potter, functional pottery

Peggy Carvell - jewelry

Marilyn McDonald - jewelry

Pluff Mudd consignment artists

Linda Patalive - fiber art

Patti Seldes - jewelery

Lark Smith - pottery

Gini Steel - fiber art

Corey Alston - Gullah Sweetgrass Baskets