Buzby: Parents should relish a week with no youth sports

At some point this summer my guess is your family will have an entire week at home with no youth sports commitments of any kind. It won't be an official vacation, but rather a vacation from the hustle and bustle that comes along with dropping kids off at camps, driving to practices, and hustling to get to games on time.

Your kids need a break, and admit it, you do too.

Make every effort to eat dinner as a family -- at the dinner table, not at the drive-thru. It will be nice not to have to eat something unwrapped that drips grease all over your lap while you are driving to a practice or game.

After dinner, do something together as a family. You might go hang out at a playground or a park, or maybe take a bike ride together. Just try to make sure everyone is involved and it's not a competitive game in the backyard.

If there was a sibling who spent the entire spring being dragged to the local field to watch his or her brother and/or sister play, try to do something special for that child.

It might be as simple as letting him or her decide what the nightly family activity will be. And make sure the youth sports player(s) participate, willing or not.

There are some parents out there who will have their kid in the batting cage within 24 hours of the last out of the season, on the tennis courts returning serves, or at the driving range banging balls.

Sure, they'll say the child wanted to go, but that might have been given the alternate choice of doing summer reading assignments or chores. And even if the child did want to go, sometimes as parents we have to make the decision as to when our children need a break.

I'm not suggesting your child shouldn't pick up a bat, racket or club the entire summer. I'm simply proposing to make sure your child gives his or her body (and mind) a break for at least a week.

Encourage other kid-like activities such as playing on the playground, being outside with friends, splashing in a pool, or just being kids. And yes, maybe they can help out with the household chores that there was never time for in between the end of the school day and practice.

Just remember, the fall season will be here soon enough. Don't rush it.

Enjoy your weeklong vacation.