Sparklers win medals at state gymnastics meet

Beaufort's Sports Academy Sparklers recently participated in the South Carolina Level 1-5 Compulsory State Gymnastics Championships in Columbia.

Two Sparklers brought home gold medals and state championships, and three more captured silver medals in the meet, held April 4-6 at the Plex Center.

Competing at Level 5, Lauren Angus, 13, was the all-around state champion in the Senior B division, winning gold on the uneven parallel bars and silver on the balance beam and floor exercise. Briana Nelson, 14, won silver on the bars and a bronze on the vault.

Mallie O'Rourke, 7, took the gold medal on the bars in the Level 3 Open Division. Anastasia Garrett, 8, was a silver medalist on the Level 3 Open bars and the floor exercise.

Serina Lynch, 11, claimed the silver on the beam in the Level 3 Novice Division.

Ashley Gavigan, 12, won the bronze on the vault in the Level 4 Novice Division. Chloe Morrison, 8, won bronze on bars in the Level 3 Open Division.

South Carolina Level 1-5 Compulsory State Gymnastics Championships

April 4-6, at Plex Center, Columbia

Sports Academy Sparklers results

Level 5 (advanced compulsory)

Lauren Angus (13, Senior B): 1st bars 9.1, 2nd beam 8.675, 2nd floor 9.1, 4th vault, 1st all-around 35.85

Briana Nelson (14, Senior B): 2nd bars 8.9, 3rd vault 9.2, 4th floor 9.025, 4th all-around 34.95

Level 4 (intermediate) open division

Madalyn West (9, Junior B): 8th vault, 7th bars

Level 4 novice division

Ashley Gavigan (12, Senior A): 3rd vault 8.8, 7th bars 8.95, 8th beam 8.575, 7th floor 8.9, 5th all-around 35.15

Kyla Ebanks (11, Junior B): 5th vault 8.65, 7th floor 8.95

Level 3 (beginner) open division

Mallie O'Rourke (7, Junior A): 1st bars 9.5, 7th vault 9.55, 7th all-around 37.125

Anastasia Garrett (8, Junior C): 2nd bars 9.425, 2nd floor 9.625, 7th all-around 37.025

Chloe Morrison (8, Junior D): 3rd bars 9.5, 6th vault 9.425, 7th floor 9.425, 10th all-around 36.650

Sarah Olivarra (11, Senior B): 6th bars 9.3, 7th beam 8.9, 9th all-around 36.450

Alyssa Jo Jesweski (12, Senior C): 11th all-around 36.35

Level 3 novice division

Serina Lynch (11, Senior B): 2nd beam 8.575, 6th all-around 35

Keliah Gentle (11, Senior B): 4th bars 8.9, 8th all-around 34.85

Patricia Tingue (11, Senior B): 5th vault 9.4, 11th all-around 34.175

Cylie Randall (11, Senior C): 6th bars 8.6, 8th all-around 34.55

Haylie Collinson (9, Junior D): 4th vault 9.425, 11th all-around 34.825

Cameran Burnell (9, Junior B): 5th beam 8.650, 6th floor 8.95, 9th all-around 34.45

Kiwa Bertholf (9, Junior A): 6th beam 8.275, 6th floor 8.85, 10th all-around 33.725

Ansley Earhart (11, Senior A): 5th vault 9.3, 10th all-around 32.425