Recreation Results and Standings, March 6


Bear Creek

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held Feb. 28; Format: Bear Creek Special; 1. Susie Page, Louise Stoops, Nancy Bowman.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of MGA tournament held Feb. 28; Format: 1-2-3; 1. David Fronek, Ed Sessler, Dave Ralff, Bob Clemens (blind draw); 2. Chris Bistany, Dean Hergert, John Helmes, Dave Ralff (blind draw); Closest to the Pin -- Bill Mackey.

Results of Men's day held March 2; Format: 1 better ball of 4; 1. Tom Vater, David Fronek, Paul McDermott, Bob Clemens; 2. Chris Bistany, Mike Chesser, Dave Lunka, Frank Brill; Closest to the Pin -- Bill Mackey, Don Bainbridge.

Dolphin Head

Results of Men's tournament held Feb. 29; Format: Low Gross, Low Net; Ace of the month gross: Russ Whiteford, Ace of the month net: Russ Whiteford; 2nd net: Kent Replogle, 2nd gross: Kent Replogle; 3rd net (tie) Joe Mallee, Bruce Timmerman; 5th net: Gene Passmore.

Results of Ladies tournament held Feb. 27; Format: 1 better ball odd, 2 better balls even; 1. (tie) Mary Thomas, Arline Levit, Luci Miller, Audrey King, Chris Flanagan, Carol Wolfe, Char Bradeen, Gerry Mallee.

Results of Nifty niners tournament held Feb. 27; Format: Five Alive; 1. Pat Ehrman, 2. Patti Peacock, 3. Margo Atwood.

Hidden Cypress

Results of WGA 18 Hole League tournament held Feb. 21; Format: Front Gross/Back Net; Results: Flight 1 -- (tie) Anna Kelly and Joan D'Ambrosi; Flight 2 -- 1. Anne Bendiske, 2. Maureen O'Hara, 3. Pat Phelps, 4. (tie) Gerri Albert and Sheila Divvens; Flight 3 -- 1. Joan Turner, 2. Harriet Schwartz, 3. (tie) Eva Dion and Ethel Johnson; 5. (tie) Harriet Bender and Doris Riordan, 7. Mitzi Dube, 8. Jean Nerone; Flight 4 -- 1. Marilyn Schaeffer, 2. (tie) Mary Powers and Joyce Sargent, 4. Martha Yelverton, 5. (tie) Marsha Heisler and Barbara Wiersbicki.

Hilton Head Island Junior Golf Association

Results from event held March 3 at Sea Pines Country Club; Boys 18 Holes -- 1. J. Phillips 73, 2. A. Weary 74, 3. E. Reier 76; Boys 9 Holes -- 1. D. Azallion 42 (moc), 2. D. Weary 42; Girls 9 holes -- 1. K. Thorne 47

Island West

Results of Men's day held Feb. 28; 1. Dennis Conroy, Charles Michael, Michael Hughes, Steve Grimaldi; 2. Bill Scaplehorn, Jonathan Sherwood, Bob Phillips; 3. Clark Gregory, Robert Heck, Lloyd Baker, Donald Pepin; 4. Eddie Ianconne, Daniel Glass, Mike Rotelle; Closest to the Pin -- Dennis Conroy, Clark Gregory, Michael Hughes.

Lady's Island

Results of Men's Golf Association tournament held Feb. 28; Format: Power Ball Three Best Net; 1. Bob Kiessling, Alan Westcob, Jack Shaffer, Blind; 2. Frank Porter, Henry Bruner, Bob deGuzman, Chuck Gluck; Closest to the Pin -- Dick Hobbs, Alan Westcob, George McMurtry, Frank Porter.

Moss Creek

Results of ladies tournament held Feb. 28; Format: Individual Stableford; 1. Ginny Crispell.

Results of Men's White tee tournament held March 4; Format: Individual Stableford; 1. D. Kouns, 2. A. Varian.


Results of Men's day held March 1; 1. Gary Apple, John Putnam, Steven Sheetz, Earle Lockhart; 2. Rick Bohach, Jack Gibbs, Bob Wood, Michael Hughes.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held March 2; Format: Best Ball 1 of 4; 1. John Carroll, Peter Doherty, George Eedell, Len Marino; 2. Ernie Hannin, Jay Parks, Michael Burnce, Bob Wright; Low Net -- George Edell; Closest to the Pin -- George Kelly.

Senior Men's Golf Association

Results of tournament held March 4 at Haig Point; Format: Better Ball of Partners; Flight A -- 1. Morris Atkin, Richard Dubiel; 2. David Zander, John Turner; Flight B -- 1. Phil Coffey, William Hendrickson; 2. Don Nontelle, Jack Hunter; Flight C -- 1. Dave Dahl, Paul Schulz; 2. Iue Cho, Alfred Lombardi; Flight D -- 1. Ron Cecil, Bill Hastrich; 2. Jeremy Willert, Ed Hutton; Flight E -- 1. Bill Knott, Charlie Michael; 2. Gus Christ, Walter Cederholm; Flight F -- 1. Dan Glass, Steve Grinaldi; 2. George Solari, Barry Burgoyne; Closest to the Pin -- Dick Morrow, George Davagian Jr., Rick Anderson, Ronald Orlosky.


Results of Presidents Cup tournament held Feb. 16; Format: 2 Day Net Medal; Men: 1. Dave Lindimore, 2. Ram Bavikatty, 3. Cullan Eikenberry, 4. Ken Fischer; Ladies: 1. Patty Long, 2. Flo Aromando, 3. Carolyn Solly, 4. Mary Fischer; Closest to the Pin -- Peter Zych, Flo Aromando.


Hilton Head Island Tennis Leagues

Adult 18s standings

2.5W -- SCYC Kiss My Hits, Victorious Secret tied in first at 2-1

3.0M -- Chaplin only team

3.0W -- Spanish Wells in first at 3-1

3.5M -- Beaufort First Strike in first at 3-0

3.5W -- Port Royal Tough Cookies in first at 3-1

4.0M -- Wexford Warriors in first at 6-0

4.0W -- Long Cove Young and the Rest-of-Us in first at 5-1

4.5M -- PRRC BT Express in first at 2-0

4.5W -- Sea Pines CC only team

Adult 40 standings

3.0M -- Palmetto Bluff Serve Aces in first at 3-1

3.0W -- SCYC No Faults, Spanish Wells Volleymakers tied in first at 4-1

3.5M -- PD Zugwrach in first at 5-0

3.5W -- Spring Lake Sets on the Beach, Moss Creek Whatever It Takes, Wexford Mermaids in first at 3-1

4.0M -- Indigo Run Rum Runners in first at 4-2

4.0W -- Sea Pines Smashers, Long Cove Kick Aces in first at 5-0

4.5W+ -- South Beach Aces in first at 3-1

Adult 55 standings

M3.0 -- CCHH Take Two in first at 3-0

W3.0 -- 5 teams tied in first at 3-1

M3.5 -- Flight 1: CCHH Barbarians in first at 3-0; Flight 2: SL Mis-Hits, PD Cool Guys tied in first at 3-0

W3.5 -- Flight 1: SPCC Racquets in first at 3-0; Flight 2: PRRC Royal Ladies, Moss Creek Whatever It Takes, Spring Lake Lucky Ladies in first at 3-1

M4.0 -- SL Ultimates in first at 2-0

W4.0 -- PD Spring Tide, SYRC Har-Tru Believer's tied in first at 3-0

70s Men's 3.5/4.0 Spring Interclub League

3.5/4.0M -- Indigo Run in first at 3-0

Coastal Carolina Tennis

Adult 18s standings

2.5W -- Rose Hill 2.5 in first at 1-0

3.0M -- N/A

3.0W -- Rose Hill 3.0 in first at 1-0

3.5M -- Beaufort Bangers only team

3.5W -- Hampton Hall Happy Hour in first at 3-1

Adult 40 standings

3.0M -- TLC only team

3.5M -- TLC Bobcats in first at 1-0

3.5W -- Colleton River Highly Strung, TLC Lionesses tied in first at 3-1

4.0W -- TLC Racquet Heads, Belfair Bombshells tied in first at 1-0

4.5M+ -- TLC 40s in first at 3-0

Adult 55 standings

M3.0 -- Dataw Delinquents in first at 4-0

W3.0 -- Sun City SunUps, Sun City Sets in the City, Hampton Hall Hot Shots tied in first at 3-0

M3.5 -- Sun City Court Busters in first at 4-0

W3.5 -- Dataw Islanders, Hampton Hallstars tied in first at 5-0

M4.0 -- Hampton Lakers in first at 6-1

W4.0 -- Palmetto Bluff, Sun City Smash Gals, Sun City Sunsationals tied in first at 2-1

M9.0 Combo -- Rose Hill Players only team