Recreation Results and Standings, May 2


Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held April 18 and 25; Queen Bee: Pat Crofton; Flight 1 - 1. Lori Kolkebeck, 2. Susan Knopp; Flight 2 - 1. Lois Smith, 2. Becky Rychak; Flight 3 -- 1. Margita Rockstroh, 2. Janice Gierer; Flight 4 - 1. Nancy Dix, 2. Beverly Holmes; Flight 5 -- 1. Beth Taylor, 2. Joanne Paterno; Flight 6 -- 1. Carlene Ingarozza, 2. Brenda Hand; Closest to the Pin -- Sheila Johnson, Lynda Ford.

Results of Men's day held April 28; Format: 3 better ball on 3's, 2 better ball on 4's, 1 better ball on 5's; 1. Pat Cauller, Ed Sessler, Keith Rapp, Geoff Toonder; 2. Dave Palmetier, Bob Von Bremen, Ron Mather, Dave Ralff; Closest to the Pin -- John Winnestaffer.

Dataw Island

Results of 18-hole Ladies day tournament held April 26; 1. Mary Ann Voegtle; Flight 1 -- 1. Ellie White, 2. Diane Laughlin, 3. (tie) Dutchy Lewis, Ann Ballantyne; Flight 2 -- 1. Celeste Nalwasky, 2. June Austin, 3. Carol Baxter; Flight 3 - 1. Sheila Sears, 2. Mern Gouza, 3. Judy Raynor; Putts -- Carolyn Collins; Chip Ins -- Ann Ballantyne, Marcia Gesser, Carolyn Collins, Neecy Valadez, Closest to the Pin -- Ann Ballantyne, Ellie White.

Dolphin Head

Results of tournament held April 27-28; Format: 9 hole match around (5 matches); Overall Winners -- Jeff Weaver, Mike Conaway; Augusta National Flight -- 1. Jim Walsh and Greg Walsh; 2. Bill Rupp and David Rupp; Harbour Town Flight -- 1. Bob Sensel and Clarke Rieck; 2. Ron Carzoli and Michael Brun; Olympic Club Flight -- 1. Jeff Weaver and Mike Conaway; 2. Tom Morgan and George Gribble; Royal Lytham St. Annes Flight -- 1. Al Lefer and Chuck Spangler; 2. Wes Bowles and Bruce Bowles; Kiawah Island Ocean Flight -- 1. Rex Yannarell and Tommy Boman; 2. Jim Stroh and Bill McFarland; Medinah Flight -- 1. Ted Mundy and Ted Mundy, III; 2. Jock McLean and Joel McLean.

Hidden Cypress

Results of Sun City Women's 9-Hole Golf Club tournament held April 30; Format: Throw One Hole Out; Flight 1 -- 1. Joyce Sargent, 2. Deborah Kennedy, 3. Judy Malcolm, 4. Linda Lee; Flight 2 -- 1. Harlee Newlands, 2. Pam Costa, 3. Betty Duckworth, 4. Janet Haysom; Flight 3 -- 1. Eileen Grimaldi, 2. Marsha Heisler, 3. Gail Bober, 4. Martha Villalobos; Flight 4 -- 1. Sakuko Wright, Happy Kupperman, Dee Napolitano, 4. Theresa Pitman.

Moss Creek

Results of White tees tournament held April 30; Format: Individual Low Net; 1. J. Danneker, 2. L. Corson, 3. (tie) A. Gellman, B. John.


Results of tournament held April 30; 1. Doyle Ricks/Jeff Wong; 2. (tie) Matt Lucchesi/Kevin King; Michael Bleakley/Rob Simmons; 4. PJ Politan/Jason Heintscher; 5. (tie) Barry Fleming/Jim Ferguson; Dewey Delovich/JC Long; 7. (tie) Pete Popovich/Gerry Pascale; Krista Dunton/Jonathan Bartlett; Bryan Bessinger/Jamie Felder.

Rose Hill

Results of LGA Ladies Day tournament held April 28; Format: Low Gross/Low Net; Low Gross -- Mateja Johnson; Low Net Front 9 -- Charlotte Timcoe; Low Net Back 9 -- JoAnn Bauer; Closest to the Pin -- Charlotte Timcoe.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day held April 27; Format: Team Nassau; Front 9 -- Sonny Compher and Bill Wood; Back 9 -- Jim Benford and Harry Jewett; Overall -- Bob Boldig and Sonny Compher; Skins -- Bob Boldig, Dick Rigler, Bill Wood.


Coral Sands Hilton Head Island Professional Tennis League

Standings through April 30

Matches Courts

Players World of Sports 2-0 5-1

Spinnaker Resorts 1-1 3-3

Island Family Dental 1-1 4-2

Mattress Firm 0-2 0-6

Friday's Matches

at Indigo Run's Golden Bear Tennis Club

6 p.m.: Mattress Firm vs Spinnaker Resorts #1, #2, and #3 doubles; Players World vs Island Family Dental #3 doubles

8 p.m.: Players World vs Island Family Dental #1 and #2

Hilton Head Island Tennis Leagues

Adult standings

2.5W -- South Beach Sirens, Haig Point Spartina Sparklers tied in first at 6-2; Sirens clinch championships on total courts won.

3.0M -- SCYC TGIF in first at 8-0; clinched championship

3.0W -- SCYC No Faults in first at 9-1; clinched championship

3.5M -- SCYC Miscreants in first at 10-2; clinched championship

3.5W -- Long Cove Aces in first at 8-0; clinched championship

4.0M -- Shipyard Sun Devils in first at 6-2; clinched championship

4.0W -- Sea Pines CC Smashers in first at 9-0; clinched championship

4.5M -- Palmetto Dunes Dude in first at 6-0; clinched championship

4.5W -- PDTC in first at 5-1; clinched championship

Senior standings

3.0M -- Moss Creek Tornados in first at 13-1; clinched championship

3.0W -- Haig Point Hot Shots, CCHH True Grits tied in first at 11-2; Hot Shots clinch championship on total courts won

3.5M -- Spring Lake Remnants level playoff champions

3.5W -- Port Royal Glory Girls level playoff champions

4.0M -- PRRC Whipping Boys in first at 11-0; clinched championship

4.0W -- Port Royal Herricanes in first at 10-0; clinched championship

4.5M -- PDTC Brittis in first at 9-0; clinched championship

4.5W -- SBRC in first at 4-0; clinched championship

70s Men's 3.5/4.0 Spring Interclub League

3.5/4.0M -- Spring Lake Huh?, Indigo Run, Moss Creek tied in first at 3-1 in 2nd Half

Coastal Carolina Tennis

Adult standings

3.0W -- Carolina KO's in first at 4-2

3.5W -- Beaufort Net Assets in first at 8-1; clinched championship

4.0M -- Rose Hill in first at 7-0; clinched championship

4.0W -- Beaufort Sea Islanders in first at 7-0; clinched championship

4.5W -- Beaufort Sea Islanders Too, Rose Hill Racquettes tied in first at 3-1; Islanders clinched championship on total courts won

Senior standings

2.5W -- Haven Racquettes in first at 10-0; clinched championship

3.0M -- Dataw Delinquents in first at 11-2; clinched championship

3.0W -- Sun City Sassy Slicers in first at 13-1; clinched championship

3.5M -- Callawassie Islanders in first at 10-1; clinched championship

3.5W -- Sun City Netitudes in first at 12-1

4.0M -- Hampton Lakers in first at 12-1; clinched championship

4.0W -- Spring Chix in first at 6-1

4.5W -- Berkeley Gems in first at 6-0; clinched championship