Recreation Results and Standings, Sept. 7


Dolphin Head

Results of Friday Men's Day held September 2; Format: Low Net/Low Gross; Low Net: Bob Szczerbicki (Won Play-off); Low Gross: Mike Jenner; Tie 2nd Net: Jim Young and Joe Beck; 4th Net: John Howells.

Hampton Hall

Results of Ladies tournament held August 9; Format: Throw out Par 5's; 1. P. Betz, 2. D. Moorhead, 3. L. Doukas, 4. J. Rafter.

Results of Ladies tournament held August 20; Format: Throw out 3 holes; 1. P. Bets, 2. L. Doukas, 3. S. Brooks, 4. M. Thomas.

Results of Ladies tournament held August 23; Format: 3 best balls on 6 holes, 2 on 6 holes and 1 on 6 holes; 1. K. Berger, L. Filburn, D. Fagan, K. Williams; 2. J. McCord, K. Williams (Blind), M. Thomas, N. Felice.

Results of Ladies tournament held August 27; Format: Holes that begin with Ones; 1. K. Williams, 2. D. Reese, 3. J. Rafter, 4. M. Thomas, 5. D. Fagan.

Results of Ladies tournament held Sept. 3; Format: Schamble 9/ Alt. Shot 9; 1. L. Doukas/B. Faas, 2. A. Hausman/N. Felice; 3. M. Thomas/ M. Schomp, 4. P. Hannock/W. Miller.

Hidden Cypress

Results of MGA + WGA Farewell to Summer Event held September 1; Format: Team-1 BB Man/1BB Woman; Flight 1 -- 1. Tim Pucko, Roger Linderman, Bonnie Hawkins, Tina Climo; 2. Lew Rhoden, Bob McElfresh, Mary Jo Boss, Barb Lippmann; 3. Fred Finn, Steve Cole, Anita Tuney, Ann Tullie; Flight 2 -- 1. Tim Hurley, Stuart Strachan, Linda Anderson, Lee Delieto; 2. Grant Genner, Andy Corcoran, Linda Pucko, Sue Gordon; 3. Gary Shillinger, Jae Lee, Kathy Murphy, Dale Finn; Flight 3 -- 1. Don Olivie, Jim Blue, Sally DeWitt, Nancy Collins; 2. Don Lorber, Gary Molloy, Rita Novak, Nancy McLaurin; 3. Jim Hoffron, Fred Wolf, Barbara Welsh, Theresa Bowen; Flight 4 -- 1. Jack Watson, Jim Brazukas, Darlene Abshier, Leslie Barenberg; 2. Bill Wroblewski, Guenther Hagen, Connie Davidson, Dot Fitzpatrick; 3. Bob Parajon, Gray Toulmin, Pris Jones, Joyce Calabrese; CTP -- Flight 1: Becky Schumacher; Flight 2: Tim Hurley, Lee Delieto; Flight 3: Sally DeWitt; Flight 4: Jim Brazukas, Janet Haysom.

Moss Creek

Results of Men's day held September 6; Format: 1-2-3; 1. Dell Heney, George Jones, Dick Phillips, Paul Schulz (blind).


Hilton Head Island Tennis Leagues

Adult Combo standings

W5.5 -- Palmetto Bluff Sweet Shots, Wexford Alley Cats tied in first at 2-0

M6.5 -- SCYC The Fighting Snowflakes in first at 4-0

W6.5 -- Long Cove Winning Combos in first at 4-0

M7.5 -- Chaplin Court Busters in first at 2-1

W7.5 -- Long Cove Fence Jumpers, SCYC Dare Doubles tied in first at 4-0

M8.5 -- PRRC BT Express in first at 2-1

W8.5 -- SPCC Fun Guns in first at 4-0; clinched championship

M9.5 -- PD Dude -- only team entered

W9.5 -- Palmetto Dunes Reunited in first at 2-0

Senior Combo standings

M6.5 -- Spring Lake Mis-Hits in first at 5-1; clinched championship

W6.5 -- SCYC Volley Damas, CCHH Match Pointe, SCYC Double Trouble tied in first at 7-3; Damasahead on courts won

M7.5 -- South Beach Wanaguys in first at 6-1

W7.5 -- Spring Lake Casual Sets in first at 8-2; clinched championship

M8.5 -- Port Royal NO Hogg Dogs in first at 5-1; clinched championship

M9.5 -- Island Club BYE -- only team entered

Coastal Carolina Tennis Leagues

Adult Combo Doubles standings

W6.5 -- Bluffton Alley Cats in first at 2-1

W7.5 -- Bluffton Racquets on Fire in first at 3-0

M8.5 -- Beaufort Mega-Goliath Tiger Fish in first at 4-0

Senior Combo Doubles standings

M6.5 -- Sun City Add-in in first at 6-1

W6.5 -- Sun City Matchmakers in first at 5-1

M7.5 -- Sun City Tennis Bums in first at 3-2

W7.5 -- Sun City Boomers in first at 3-1

Super Senior 60s standings

M3.0 -- Sun City Tennis Ball Busters in first at 3-0

W3.0 -- Sun City Volley Dolls in first at 3-0

M3.5 -- 4 teams tied in first at 2-0

W3.5 -- 4 teams tied in first at 2-0

M4.0 -- Sun City Sun Strokes in first at 3-0

W4.0 -- Sun City Sunsationals 2 only team entered

Super Senior 70s standings

M3.0 -- Sun City Sour Balls only team entered

W3.0 -- Sun City Golden Girls only team entered

M3.5 -- Hampton Hall Hustlers in first at 2-0

W3.5 -- Sun City Ya Yas only team entered

W4.0 -- Sun City Cultured Pearls only team entered

Super Senior 75s standings

M3.0 -- Sun City Spoilers only team entered

M3.5 -- Sun City Aces only team entered