Recreation Results, June 5


Bear Creek

Results of 9-hole ladies tournament held June 2; Format: Queen Bee Ringer; Low Net -- 1. Judy Matchett, 2. Pam Prinsze, 3. Judy Peters, 4. Evie McCandless, 5. Terry Hicks.

Results of 18-hole ladies tournament held June 2; Format: Better Ball of Partners; 1. Linda Wittstock, Mary Swanson; 2. Cathy Rubery, Carol DeKany; 3. Yuri Levonowich, Kim Fisher.

Country Club of Hilton Head

Results of WGA tournament held June 1; Format: 2 better ball of 4; 1. Kay Hayes, Beverly Holmes, Leslie Gilroy, Carol Sullivan.

Results of MGA tournament held June 2; Format: Scramble/Captain's Choice; Member/Member Division -- 1. Jim Sheehan, Hugh Terreri; 2. Bob Hand, Joe McPartland; Member Guest Division -- 1. Andy Paterno, Tim Guest; 2. Jerry Cutrer, Stephen Kmeth; 3. Donald Patterson, Harrison Kirk; 4. Robert Clemens, Roger Halpin; CTP -- Ed Sessler.

Dolphin Head

Results of Memorial Day Tournament held May 30; Format: Scramble; 1. Sarah and Jerry Jebo, Char Bradeen and Tony Sparacio; 2. Chris and John Flanagan, Helen and Bill Heberton; 3. Nancy Lee and Ed Marsh, Bob Rieth and Chip Engle; 4. Carolyn Cubley and Jeanette Steelman, Joe Beck and Virgil Moore; 5. Tonie and Ross Meyers, Judy and Pat Walsh; 6. Cis and Jim Muehlberger, Sherry Seymour and Earle Lockhart; 7. Bette and Harry Taylor, Audrey King and Ted Mundy; 8. (tie) Candace and Ward Seibert, Bobbe Carota and Kevin Seibert, Lori and Carl Schmidt, Sherry and George Bartels.

Results of Ladies Summer Scramble tournament held June 1; Format: Step Aside Scramble; 1. Edie Staib, Kathy Enders, Helen Luecke; 2. Carolyn Cubley, Mary Parrella, Audrey King, Nancy Young; 3. Bette Taylor, Carol Fellner, Christina Conlon, Sue Aymond; 4. Pat Rapp, Kathy Loppnow Bobbe Carota.

Fripp Island

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held May 24; Format: Two Best Balls; 1. Nancy Connell, Zan Dukes, Laura Sherman, Joan Silvestri; 2. Sara Dashiell, Barb Sealey, Mary Ann Foutch, Pam Farris; 3. Pat Howard, Sandy Buschur, Bud Huber, Carol Baxter; 4. Jane Cuffe, Dianne McGarry, Teresa Hergert, Charlotte Hurley.

Results of WGA tournament held May 31; Format: Low Gross, Low Net Flighted; A/B Flight -- Low Gross: 1. Kathryn Woolley, 2. Betsy Watts; Low Net: 1. Micki McCormick, 2. Patti Mathews; C/D Flight -- Low Gross: 1. Sandy Buschur, 2. Barbara Sealey; Low Net: 1. Wylene Martin, 2. Susan Briggs.

Lady's Island

Results of tournament held May 31; 1. Mona Gaither, 2. Kit Winterer, 3. Jan Leipold; CTP -- J. Leipold, M. Gaither, Kit Winterer, B. Rock.

Results of Men's Golf Association event held June 2; Format: Individual Point Quota; Flight A -- 1. Frank Porter, 2. Herman Gaither; Flight B -- 1. Ben Franklin, 2. Alan Westcob; Flight C -- 1. Ray Plourde, 2. Joe McNall; CTP -- Jack Shaffer, Tom Glans, Herman Gaither, Alan Westcob.

Moss Creek

Results of Ladies day tournament held June 1; Format: ABCD Scramble; 1. D. Hengimuhle, M. Fulling, L. Swafford, P. Finnie; 2. C. Ballard, J. Minnich, J. Eastman; 3. (tie) J. Sawyer, E. Roberts, J. Rizza, L. Anderson, S. Weagly, J. Gibbons, T. Haley.

Results of Ladies nine tournament held June 2; Format: 1 best ball of 3; Flight 1 -- 1. (tie) Mary Jane Reeves, Sally Kaminski, Sandy Reiter, Marie League, D'Ann Lane, Patti Merritt.

Palmetto Hall

Results of Women's Golf Association tournament held May 31; 1. Sandra Bowden; 2. Ronnie Raddin, Deb Korthase, Maureen Smith; Low Gross -- Sandra Bowden; Low Net -- Mary Jo Bird, Maureen Smith, Laura Hrubi, Ronnie Raddin; CTP -- Deb Korthase, Mary Jo Bird; Chip-Ins -- Mary Jo Bird, Laura Hrubi.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day held May 28; Format: Individual Stableford; Flight 1 -- 1. Tod Powers, 2. Tom Fox; 3. Jay Parks; Flight 2 -- 1. Charlie Gagliardi, 2. Laine' Santa Maria; 3. Ed Scott; CTP -- Pat Gurganus; Low Net -- Tod Powers.

Results of LGA Ladies held May 28; Format: Individual Nassau Variation; Best Front Nine -- Julie Gee; Best Back Nine -- Shirley DeHond; Best Overall -- Jane Gurganus.

Results of MGA - LGA Memorial Day Tournament held May 30; Format: Step-Aside; 1. Hud Molloy, Terry Namba, Anne Kelly, Ady LaMantia; 2. John Carroll, Janet Carroll, Bill Shipe, Eleanor Schlatter; 3. Jerry Wells, Terry Boyer, Michael Burnce, Kathy Burnce; 4. Pat Gurganus, Jane Gurganus, Dianne Doherty, Charlie Gagliardi; 5. Dave Miller, Linda Miller, Paul Brzezinski, Sharon Brzezinski; Pot-O-Gold -- Jerry Wells, Jay Parks.

Results of MGA Men's Day held May 31; Format: Red-White-Blue - 2 best of 4; 1. Tod Powers, John Carroll, Jim Schwarz, Laine Santa Maria; 2. Tom Fox, Dick Timcoe, Ed Scott, Jack Lessig; CTP -- Don Hemenway; Low Net -- Tod Powers.