Recreation Results and Standings, April 13


Dolphin Head

Results of Men's Ryder Cup tournament held April 7-9; Format: 3 days, 3 different games; Overall Winners -- Mack McCaffrey and Warren Baudendistel; Runners-up -- Jim Spiridopoulos and Bill Finney; Flight 1 - 1. Spiridopoulos and Finney; 2. Kent Replogle and John McReynolds; Flight 2 -- 1. McCaffrey and Baudendistel, 2. Jerry Berndt and Stacy Wolfe; Flight 3 -- Dan Friebely and Tom Davis, 2. Frank Bennett and Tom Morgan; Flight 4 -- 1. Ben Letizia and Al Staib, 2. Tom Ehrmann and Jim Taylor.

Hidden Cypress

Results of tournament held April 7; 1. Bonnie Hawkins, Jan North, Marilyn Schaeffer, Dolly Thompson; 2. Barbar Golsalves, Jean Nerone, Nancy Collins, Barbara Montgomery; 3. (4-way tie) Jo Rossini, Sharan Oehmann, Nancy McLaurin, Pris Jones, Betty Smith, Sheila Divens, Patricia O'Connor, Darlene Abshier, Julianne Ruske, Rita Novak, Rosemary Orisno, Pat Kemph, Linda Pucko, Marcia Rotelle, Betty McMillion, Erma Morisette.

Moss Creek

Results of tournament held in Mach; Format: Single Elimination Match Play; Champion: Barbara Baird; Runner-up: Joanne Reynolds; Semifinalists: Sharon Sommerstein, Ann Harris; Quarterfinalists: Cheryl SMith, Lyn Swafford, Miriam Fulling, Joan Hartnett.

Results of Men's White Tee event held April 11; Format: Individual Stableford; 1. Ron Bish, 2. Bill John, 3. (tie) Wesly Buxton, Martin Goodall.

Oyster Reef

Results of Men's Day tournament held April 9; Format: 1 Best Ball + Bonus; 1. Robert Nelson, John Holihan, and Bernie Russ.

Results of Men's Day tournament held April 6; Format: 1 Odd/2 Even; 1. Don Lawrence, Robert Nelson, Larry Bentley, and John Mikita (Blind).

Results of Ladies day tournament held April 7; Format: 1 Best Ball; 1. Judy McLaughlin, Judy Taylor and Sandra Higgins.

Results of Sunday Scotch tournament held April 3; Format: 2 best balls; 1. Mary Ellen and John Wilson and Linda and John Mikita; 2. Simone and Don Lawrence and Judy and Gene Kay.

Palmetto Hall

Results of tournament held April 6; Format: Best 1/2/3 (par) of 4; 1. Roy Gingery, Joe Wieczorek, Rich Penwell, Bob Richardson; 2. Bobby Allen, Richard Miller, Rick Smith, Paul Bry; 3. Steve Laxdal, Ray McElhaney, Bob Holben, Esko Riikonen; 4. Art Loeben, Frank Sutera, Tom Cumming, Don Tuckey; 5. Jim Nowak, Bill Minik, Randall Sigmund, Bob Poveromo; 6. George Salemi, Bob Wallhaus, Roy Haynes, Jim Williams; 7. Gus Christ, Mike Danoff, Fred McNamee; CTP -- Bob Wallhaus, Jim Nowak, George Salemi, Paul Bry, Bob Richardson.

Rose Hill

Results of MGA Men's Day tournament held April 9; Format: Best 2 of 4 Flighted; Flight 1 -- Pat Gurganus, Bill Shipe, Tod Powers, Hud Molloy; Flight 2 -- John Klinger, Charlie Gagliardi, Bob Wright, Bill Smith; CTP -- Tom Fox; Low Net -- Lane Santa Maria.

Spanish Wells

Results of Men's day tournament held April 8; Format: Pick-a-Masters-Pro; 1. Steve Watson, 2. (tie) John Pagluica and Manny Peralta; Skins -- Jim Benford, John Pagluica.


Hilton Head Island Tennis Leagues

Adult standings

2.5W -- CC of HH Ynots in first at 7-2

3.0M -- SCYC Working Stiffs, Wexford Warriors tied in first at 5-2

3.0W -- SCYC Yachtas in first at 8-1

3.5M -- SCYC Miscreants in first at 10-1

3.5W -- SCYC Yachtas Delight in first at 9-0

4.0M -- PRRC Sun Devils in first at 7-1

4.0W -- Sea Pines Smashers in first at 8-0

4.5M -- PDTC, SBRC Hogg Doggs tied in first at 2-2

4.5W -- South Beach Swingers in first at 6-0; clinched category

5.0M -- HHI 5.0 Men -- only one team

5.0W -- HHI 5.0 Women -- only one team

Senior standings

3.0M -- Moss Creek Tornadoes in first at 8-0, clinched category

3.0W -- Haig Point Marshside Mamas in first at 10-0; clinched category

3.5M -- Flight I: Indigo Run winner of playoff; Flight II: CCHH Barbarians in first on TennisLink points; playoff 4/11

3.5W -- Flight I: Palmetto Dunes PDQ in first at 10-0; Flight II: South Beach Sandspurs in first at 9-1; playoff this week

4.0M -- Wexford Witness Protection in first at 8-0, clinched category

4.0W -- Port Royal Herricanes in first at 7-0

4.5M -- South Beach Hogg Doggs in first at 6-0; clinched category

4.5W -- PDTC Volley Dolls in first at 3-0; clinched category

Coastal Carolina Tennis

Adult standings

2.5W -- Oldfield in first at 4-0

3.0M -- Hampton Hall Cubs -- only team entered

3.0W -- Palmetto Bluff, Colleton River Club tied in first at 4-2

3.5W -- Hampton Lake Hotshots in first at 5-1

4.0M -- Habersham Hammers in first at 3-1

4.0W -- Beaufort Sea Islanders in first at 3-0; championship clinched

4.5M -- Beaufort in first at 2-0

4.5W -- Beaufort Sea Islanders in first at 2-0

Senior standings

3.0M -- Habersham Half Volleys in first at 9-1

3.0W -- Sun City Volley Dolls in first at 9-0

3.5M -- Sun City Challengers in first at 9-0

3.5W -- Sun City Violet Offenders, Dataw Islanders tied in first at 9-0

4.0M -- Hampton Lakers in first at 10-0

4.0W -- Spring Chix, Sun City Tidal Waves tied in first at 7-1

4.5W -- Berkeley in first at 3-0


Hilton Head U11 Boys 7, Coastal Empire Sting 3

Date: April 9

Goals/assists (winning team): Alex Braden, Landon Jenkins, Kai Liska, Nathan Junk, Hampton Sewell, Tyreke Young, D'Angelo Wing

Winning goalie: Nick O'Brien

Hilton Head U11 Boys 7-6, Porter-Gaud 4-4

Date: April 10

Goals/assists (winning team): Alex Braden, Landon Jenkins, Kai Liska, Lukas Pulice Lovett, Tyreke Young, D'Angelo Wing

Winning goalie: Nick O'Brien


Island Rec Spring Soccer Standings

Girls 6-7

Pink Magazine 2-0-0

Kelca Counters 2-0-0

SC Bank & Trust 2-0-0

The Westin Resort & Spa 1-0-1

HH Volkswagen 1-1-0

Vanlandingham Rotary 1-1-0

League Of Women Voters 1-1-0

Custom Audio Video 1-1-0

Coastal Security 0-1-1

Adventure Radio 0-2-0

Coligny Plaza 0-2-0

CH2 0-2-0

Girls 8-9

Go Tri Sports 4-0-0

The Greenery 2-0-1

HH Humane Association 1-1-2

Amigo's Bluffton 1-2-1

The Courtyard Supply 1-2-0

Island Getaway 0-1-2

Palmetto Kiwanis Club 0-3-0

Girls 10-11

Pink Magazine 3-0-0

The Smokehouse 1-1-1

Silverscapes 1-2-0

HH Volksgagen 0-2-1

Girls 12-15

Seaside Chiropractic 2-1-0

Island Tire 1-1-1

The Greenery 1-1-1

HH Volkswagen 1-2-0

Youth 6-7

Rainbow International by High Tide 3-0

HH Auto Service 3-0

Floors To Go 2-0

Big Fat Coupon Book 1-1

Low Country Podiatry 1-1

Adventure Radio 1-2

Go Tri Sports 1-2

Wright Home Services 1-2

Frosty's Italian Ices & More 1-2

Mad Dogs 1-2

Global Golf 0-3

Youth 8-9

Lwood's 3-0-0

Billy Wood Appliance 2-0-1

HH Marriott Resort & Spa 1-1-1

Hargray 1-1-0

HH Auto Service 0-1-1

Parrot Cove Grill & Bar 0-1-1

HH Humane Association 0-3-0

Youth 10-11

The Courtyard Supply 3-0

HH Rotary 2-1

Low Country Paver 1-2

The Sanctuary Day Spa 0-3

Youth 12-15

Island Rec/Christian 2-0-0

Island Rec/Hoagland 0-1-1

Island Rec/Torin 0-1-1