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Bluffton, Hilton Head High meet over reported incidents in football rivalry

Rivals Bluffton and Hilton Head Island High School will square off Friday in their annual football game.
Rivals Bluffton and Hilton Head Island High School will square off Friday in their annual football game. File -- The Island Packet

The principals, athletics directors and head football coaches of Hilton Head Island and Bluffton high schools met with Beaufort County School District official Gregory McCord on Tuesday morning to hash out incidents surrounding last Friday's annual Bridge Bowl.

McCord, the district's student service chief, mediated discussion about the game, where the Bobcats emerged with an 80-14 victory, the school's fifth consecutive triumph in the series. McCord declined to discuss specifics of the meeting or what incidents prompted the session.

"We heard (about) some things that we wanted to address," he said. "It was a very positive, productive meeting. We used this as an opportunity to showcase teachable moments. That was the feeling when we left out of the room. We're looking forward to a successful turnout at next year's game."

Hilton Head High AD Joe Monmonier said it was the Seahawks who first approached the school district with concerns, but also opted not to discuss what exactly those concerns were. Head football coach B.J. Payne declined comment for this story.

"There's not really much I can say. There were some issues that are being addressed," Monmonier said. "It's more of a Bluffton issue than it is my issue. It has nothing to do really with my team or anything else. They'll take care of it in their own way. There's nothing really to comment about than just that."

Bluffton AD Dave Adams directed all questions to McCord about the Seahawks' complaints, but Bobcats coach Ken Cribb said there was nothing that warranted much discussion.

"There was nothing worthy of a news story, I promise you that," Cribb said. "If there were any things that went on that shouldn't have, it would have and should have already been handled immediately."

McCord could not answer whether any disciplinary action was taken for either side, noting the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Monmonier did say, however, that the district addressed the Seahawks' issues.

"Right now, it's not in my hand or in my judgment to try to punish," Monmonier said. "We went to the district with some concerns about some things. The district addressed it. That's pretty much where we are."

As for the immediate future of the Bridge Bowl? It appears to be in good standing, for now.

"It's a couple things that could have happened differently that we can change in the future, and hopefully we'll move on," Monmonier said.