High School Sports

2-Minute Drill with Chris MacMurray

Junior midfielder Chris MacMurray and the Hilton Head Island Seahawks downed the A.C. Flora Falcons, 3-0, on Thursday night in the second round of the 3-A playoffs.

The Seahawks will host Chapin on Saturday night. MacMurray took the time Thursday to participate in the two-minute drill:

What's one word that describes you? Determined

Best way to spend free time? Playing soccer

Last movie you saw? Act of Valor

Favorite sports movie? Green Street Hooligans

Who would play you in a movie? Daniel Craig

Favorite pregame meal? Subway

Favorite postgame meal? Street Meat

Favorite college sports team? USC Gamecocks

Favorite professional sports team? Liverpool FC

Most hated team? Manchester United

Favorite athlete? Steven Gerrard

Celebrity you would want to have dinner with? Jennifer Anniston

Last book you read? Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Favorite school subject? History

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook

XBox, Wii or PS3? XBox

And what game are you playing? FIFA 12

If money is not an issue, what band or artist plays your birthday party? T.I.

The last song to play on your iPod? Waka Waka by Shakira

TV show you can watch over and over again? Family Guy

Best high school sports memory? Michael Julian's last-second shot vs. Bluffton

What are you looking forward to this summer? The beach and soccer camps