High School Sports

2-Minute Drill with Kyle Waddell

Kyle Waddell waited patiently for his opportunity in 2010. A year later, the Bluffton High School junior has certainly made the most of his spot in the starting lineup.

Waddell is third on the Bobcats' dominate defense with 37 tackles to go along with a pair of sacks and two forced fumbles. The Island Packet/Beaufort Gazette put Waddell and his rather unique personality on the clock this week for the two-minute drill.

  • One word that describes you? Crazy
  • Best way to spend free time? Working out
  • Last movie you saw? Warrior
  • Favorite sports movie? Remember the Titans
  • Last book you read? Gym Candy
  • Favorite victory meal? We had meatloaf last week. It was really good.
  • Favorite college sports team? South Carolina
  • Favorite pro sports team? Packers or Falcons
  • Most hated team? Steelers
  • Favorite athlete? Ray Lewis
  • Celebrity you would want to have dinner with? Jessica Alba
  • Favorite school subject? History
  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. All day.
  • XBox, Wii or PS3? I don't play any of them.
  • If money is not an issue, what band plays your birthday party? Poison
  • The last song to play on your iPod? Put My Love Into You by AC/DC
  • TV show you can watch over and over again? Jersey Shore
  • Who's your favorite character? Ronnie
  • Best high school sports memory? Beating Hartsville last year
  • Teammate whose skill you envy? Rogan Ferguson
  • One thing you would change if you could? I don't regret a whole lot.
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