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Bluffton, Hilton Head High swimmers set sights on state titles

Mike Lane took over the Hilton Head High swim program not knowing quite what to expect.

He assumed the bar was set high, considering the Seahawks girls were coming off a state championship in 2010. The question, though, at least in his mind, was this: How motivated would a group of girls be when it had already accomplished so much?

He quickly got his answer.

"This is a hungry team -- they're on a mission," Lane said. "They like that feeling they got last year. They want more."

They're in a good position to repeat Saturday at the state championship meet at the USC Natatorium in Columbia. Lane said the numbers show a top-three finish to be likely and a state championship to be a possibility once again.

Hilton Head High girls are ranked in the top 10 in 14 events, including two apiece from Josie Cuda, Camille Felix, Mary Bolgan, Cassie Ley and Elizabeth Felix. Cuda is the top-ranked swimmer in the 200-yard freestyle. She and Ley both won individual state titles last season.

"We'll need to ramp it up a little bit, but I believe we have a chance of getting a state title again," said Camille Felix, who won a state championship as part of a relay team last year. "... We need to pin it down to relays again. We were really into it last year, and we got it. I believe we can do it again with a little bit of a push."

Bluffton High School is hanging its boys team's chances on relays, as well.

The Bobcats placed sixth at last year's state meet and lost only one swimmer -- Robbie Skinner -- though he won a pair of state titles in 2010.

Still, coach Eric Kemeny said his team is deeper than it was a year ago, which bodes well for reaching his goal of sneaking into the top five Saturday.

"We just need to shut their minds off, get excited about being there and swim," Kemeny said. "That's what Robbie did really well last year. I'm hoping a few kids can follow that lead and take advantage of their opportunities."

A few Bluffton swimmers will have chances at individual titles, Kemeny said.

Sebastian Bedon is ranked third in the 100 butterfly, and Andrew Faciszewski is third in the 500 freestyle. Jake Minasi is also ranked in the top five of two events.

"I'm especially concentrating on the 500 because I think I have a chance to win it," said Faciszewski, who is also in the 200 free. "I think I have a chance to win it. I'm looking forward to it."

SCHSL State Championship Swim Meet

Where: USC Natatorium, Columbia

When: Saturday (Class 3-A: 11:50 a.m.; Class 4-A: 5:05 p.m.)

Attendance: $6

Class 4-A qualifiers

Beaufort High


Relays -- 200 medley (16th), 200 free (19th), 400 free (20th); Jessica Barras -- 200 I.M. (27th); Laura Barras -- 200 I.M. (28th), 100 breaststroke (29th)

Class 3-A qualifiers

Hilton Head High


Relays -- 200 medley (sixth), 200 free (second), 400 free (third); Josie Cuda -- 200 free (first), 100 butterfly (second); Mary Bolgan -- 200 free (sixth), 500 free (third); Camille Felix -- 200 free (eighth), 500 free (second); Madison Field -- 200 free (14th); Cassie Ley -- 200 I.M. (fourth), 100 free (fifth); Elizabeth Felix -- 200 I.M. (seventh), 100 backstroke (ninth); Reed Penale -- 200 I.M. (19th), 100 butterfly (21st); Victoria Gill -- 200 I.M. (24th); Rachel Magnin -- 50 free (18th), 100 free (19th); Amelia Rzeczycki -- 100 butterfly (seventh), 100 breaststroke (14th); Makenna Reeder -- 100 free (16th); Caroline Vaniska -- 500 free (14th); Sarah Reamy -- 500 free (20th).


Relays -- 200 medley (16th), 400 free (15th); Tristan Cummings -- 200 free (18th), 100 backstroke (21st); Ryan Nady -- 200 I.M. (18th), 100 breaststroke (11th); James Hammond -- 500 free (eighth), 100 backstroke (12th); Clayton North -- 500 free (32nd).



Relays -- 200 medley (12th), 200 free (eighth), 400 free (seventh); Danielle Faciszewski -- 200 free (12th), 500 free (ninth); Alexandria Shaw -- 200 I.M. (21st), 100 backstroke (32nd); Emma Nicolini -- 200 I.M. (28th); Madison Wall -- 50 free (12th), 100 free (seventh); Ashley Ijames -- 50 free (24th), 100 free (18th); Abigail Hess -- 100 butterfly (12th), 100 backstroke (25th); Bri Pangilinan -- 100 butterfly (25th); Ashleigh Pangilinan -- 100 free (11th), 100 breaststroke (21st).


Relays -- 200 medley (eighth), 200 free (fourth); Andrew Faciszewski -- 200 free (fifth), 500 free (third); David Funk -- 200 free (17th), 500 free (22nd); Sebastian Bedon -- 200 I.M. (seventh), 100 butterfly (third); Nicholas Suaza -- 200 I.M. (28th); Drew O'Brien -- 50 free (19th), 100 free (15th); Jake Minasi -- 100 butterfly (fifth), 100 backstroke (fifth); Nicholas Suaza -- 100 butterfly (23rd); John Evans -- 500 free (12th), 100 breaststroke (14th); Patrick Calvo -- 500 free (14th), 100 breaststroke (32nd); Miles White -- 100 backstroke (28th)