High School Sports

2-Minute Drill with Maliek Maldonado

Beaufort High School linebacker Maliek Maldonado finished his junior year as the team's leading tackler, having helped the Eagles win a region title and later claiming a state championship in wrestling.

It would have been a good year to end on, but Maldonado is looking to build on his high school experience during his senior year.

We caught up with Maldonado this week and put him through our two-minute drill.

  • One word that describes you?
  • Aggressive

  • Best way to spend free time?
  • Hanging with friends

  • Last movie you saw?
  • Remember the Titans

  • Favorite pre-game meal?
  • Steak and potatoes

  • Favorite post-game meal?
  • Sonic

  • Favorite college sports team?
  • West Virginia Mountaineers

  • Favorite pro sports team?
  • Indianapolis Colts

  • Most hated team?
  • Pittsburgh Steelers

  • Favorite athlete?
  • Patrick Willis

  • Favorite school subject?
  • Math

  • Facebook or Twitter?
  • Facebook

  • XBox, Wii or PS3?
  • XBox

  • And what are you playing?
  • NCAA Football

  • If money is not an issue, what band plays your birthday party?
  • AC/DC

  • The last song to play on your iPod?
  • "We Ready," by Pastor Troy

  • TV show you can watch over and over again?
  • Family Guy

  • Best high school sports memory?
  • Winning a state championship at wrestling

  • One thing you would change if you could?
  • Me getting hurt, Summerville last year