High School Sports

2-Minute Drill with Michael Sulka

On Friday nights, you can find Michael Sulka leading the protection for Bluffton High School's offensive assault.

During the week, you'll find him keeping the mood light at Bobcats football practices.

As the team's center, Sulka is used to being the man to start the play, allowing him to stay one step ahead of the action. But we kept him on his toes this week with our weekly installment of the two-minute drill.

  • One word that describes you? Powerful
  • Best way to spend free time? Working out
  • Last movie you saw? 300
  • Favorite sports movie? Friday Night Lights
  • Who plays you in a movie? Probably have to be somebody really good looking, so probably a Brad Pitt.
  • Last book you read? Guns, Germs and Steel
  • Favorite victory meal? Last year, when the Gardner family made chicken for us.
  • Favorite college team? Clemson
  • Favorite pro team? Atlanta Falcons
  • Most hated team? South Carolina
  • Favorite athlete? C.J. Spiller
  • Celebrity you would want to have dinner with? Find a Victoria's Secret model, and I'll have dinner with any of them ... or all of them.
  • Favorite school subject? English
  • Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I don't know Twitter
  • XBox, Wii or PS3? XBox, for sure.
  • Best high school sports memory? The Hartsville playoff game last year.
  • Favorite band or musician? I like Coldplay.
  • The last song to play on your iPod? Analog, by Tyler the Creator
  • TV show you can watch over and over again? That 70's Show or Fresh Prince
  • -- Compiled by reporter Sam McDowell. Follow him at twitter.com/MatchPointBft.