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Prep hires football coach Marx

Hilton Head Prep's period without a head football coach didn't last long.

The school has hired Alex Marx, a coach with more than a decade of experience as an assistant coach at various private and boarding schools in New England, to replace Ron Peduzzi, headmaster Anthony Kandel said.

Peduzzi confirmed last week that he was no longer working at Hilton Head Prep, but both he and Kandel declined to comment on the reason for his departure.

Peduzzi again declined to comment Friday on why he is no longer at Prep, but he said he hopes to land another coaching job for next season.

Kandel, who also worked in independent schools in the Northeast before coming to Prep, said many of his friends who are coaches in the area spoke highly of Marx. He said the reasons he selected Marx include, his "dedication to his athletes, experience in independent school athletics, vast knowledge of both sides of the ball, real integrity and incredible enthusiasm and passion for the game and for the kids."

Marx also will serve as Prep's director of facilities, a position Peduzzi had held and one that fit well with Marx's background in construction and facilities management, Kandel said.

Kandel said Marx previously had interviewed for a position as an English teacher and assistant football coach.

"When the need for a head football coach came up, we started digging through resumes," Kandel said. "He had impressed everyone when he had been down here, so his name was one that came up, naturally."

One of the biggest concerns with the timing of the vacancy was whether the Dolphins would be able to conduct spring drills with their new coach. But Kandel said Marx has volunteered his time to come down from New Jersey and spend two weeks running spring practices.

"That's representative of the kind of dedication he shows," Kandel said. "We feel very fortunate to have found a coach like Alex. We were very lucky to get him so quickly."

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