Jack Leggett feels ‘safe’ with Clemson AD’s support

CLEMSON -- College World Series or bust? Host a regional or else?

Those are obviously the goals for Clemson baseball after missing out each of the last four seasons, but Jack Leggett doesn’t feel a “mandate” from statement released by Clemson AD Dan Radakovich – a statement that did not include talk of an extension for a contract with only two years remaining.

“I don’t feel that way. Our players shouldn’t feel that way,” Leggett said. “As far as contracts are concerned, I think that’s something we’ll discuss down the road. It wasn’t a real big deal in this discussion. It was more about what are we going to do to get our program where we want to be. Continue to do the things we do well and try to improve on things we’re not quite where we need to be on.

“The discussions were programatical in that respect and contractual down the road. I don’t feel threatened – I feel safe where we are right now. Our recruits and players feel the same way.”

Clemson has had the same staff for the last three seasons – hitting coach Bradley LeCroy coming on board in 2011 – and that same staff will stay intact moving forward.

“I’ve got complete confidence in our staff and how Bradley LeCroy works at recruiting and how hard Dan Pepicelli works with our pitchers,” Leggett said. “We may not have been exactly where we need to be in one or two of those areas at different points in the season. I know that they are extremely confident in what they do and dedicated and extremely loyal to what Clemson is all about and they’re on the road recruiting right now and they’re great evaluators and great people.

“There’s not anything that I saw (to make changes) by looking our program inside and out and talking about itI’m ultimately responsible for whatever happens on that baseball field.”

For a Clemson club that’s recruited well of late, Leggett says any staff shakeup could have been “devastating” for the program.

“There’s no need for a drastic overhaul because once you lose momentum in college baseball in general – lose your niche in recruiting, you’re going to have a really big problem,” Leggett said. “It’s important to have stability. That’s what attracts players to Clemson. The relationship we have with the incoming freshmen we’ve got that are going to be (in school soon) – good relationship with those kids, the relationships we have with the 2015 commits and we probably have a dozen of those that are outstanding that we’ve spent years recruiting these kids.

“They have a great relationship with myself, Bradley, Pep, Brad Owens and all of the people on our staff. To lose that continuity would be devastating for Clemson baseball I think. What we have to do is make some tweaks here and there and continue to do good things and find things we can do better.”