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Rants & Raves: Rise in car vs. bicycle accidents no surprise

Tips for safe bike riding on Hilton Head

Ron Knight, founder of Kickin' Asphalt Bicycle Club, talks about bike safety while riding on Hilton Head Island on Wednesday, June 1, 2016, on Hilton Head.
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Ron Knight, founder of Kickin' Asphalt Bicycle Club, talks about bike safety while riding on Hilton Head Island on Wednesday, June 1, 2016, on Hilton Head.

On an increase of cars hitting bicyclists on Hilton Head:

Maybe not in this situation but the people on bicycles think they have the right of away, always. They clearly have stop signs on the sidewalk and they don’t care. They blow right through them. Sea Pines, New Orleans Road, many places the bikers don’t even hesitate when they get to one of these stop signs. Sea Pines even has signs that say cars have the right of way and it doesn’t stop them. They get mad too when you don’t stop in the middle of the road to let them pass. You know what makes it worse? People who willingly stop in middle of a busy road to let bikers cross.

Leopold Stotch

I’m always ready to pull out and here comes a biker never stopping. You have to drive extra careful not to hit them cause they don’t look or care. So sick of stupid people.

Nicole Rimko

I agree. I almost got in an accident the other day due to a biker driving on the side of the road. I slowed down to 5 miles an hour from 45 mph upon seeing him. The cars behind me all slammed on the brakes piling up behind me. As we then proceed the next mile this way when I had a clear shot I went to pass on a double yellow the biker then swerved toward the middle putting me further in the lane and a car starting turning out of a neighborhood at the same time. It was very scary and the cars behind me followed in pursuit. The biker never acknowledged us behind him and was taking up the driving lane with no effort to move over.

Stephanie Garmon

This is exactly how my daughter has been almost rear ended several times because of having to stop for people in the crosswalk abruptly as they blow the stop signs.

Tonya Motes Lay

So true! They ignore the stop signs.

Jackie Sankowski

Unless they are walking their bike, they are not a pedestrian. Those lights are for pedestrians, not people on bikes blazing through out of nowhere. They need to walk their bike through the traffic light intersections and be careful!

Margaret Howell Updegraff

When you have so many visitors who are not used to driving with so many bike riders on the roads, and you have so many on bikes who ignore the stop signs, don’t drive with the traffic, accidents are going to happen unfortunately. As I leave the parking lot of my office, I have never seen a biker stop at the stop sign of the parking lot entrance on Wm Hilton Pkwy, but I know that I need to stop and creep up so I can exit. There are restaurants in there as well, and I bet the tourists eating in them don’t know they should watch for the bikers. I just think that even if the bike riders should pay more attention to traffic laws and signals as well as auto drivers being more defensive in their driving.

Lori Casey Dubiel

Cyclists need to be extra alert. This comes from a person who lives here and has ridden all over the island. Extra care should be taken as you come to entrances to plantations and businesses that intersect with the bike paths. Cyclists are required to stop. In regards to being struck in crosswalks, look and listen and do it again! These days drivers are so distracted albeit their cell phones, vacationers using a GPS, looking for a place to turn around! It’s a jungle out there, be safe!

Becky Crist

More education is needed and more clear instructions regarding the stop signs and the electronic “walk” signals, which are for pedestrians. As drivers, we must be vigilant and look both ways for bicyclists. But the companies supplying rental bikes here could also help by emphasizing to our visitors the importance of obeying the stop signs and proceeding cautiously at every intersection, regardless of whether or not the walk sign says walk. There is a difference in pedestrian traffic and bicycle traffic! And yes, my pet peeve is the people who stop to let the cyclists go — even when I am the cyclist. This just creates danger for other automobiles approaching and puts the “nice” driver in the position of being rear-ended and possibly plowing into the bicyclist anyway. It’s all about education and common sense.

Linda Hopkins