David Lauderdale

Tweet me and I'll follow you anywhere

My generation would take Twitter and try to diagram it, we're such twits. We couldn't possibly tweet, or is it twitter, until we establish its linking verbs.

Whatever, that's all behind us now. Even my mother has signed up to follow me on Twitter.

Twitter is simple. Here at the newspaper, it's another way for the staff to share what we know.

We've signed up and started "following" others whose tweets then flutter into our computers and smartphones. Tweets are little bursts of information that can be no more than 140 characters long. That limitation in itself is the greatest contribution to communication since the Gettysburg Address -- which, for the benefit of younger readers, is not a URL.

But the big sport seems to be getting others to "follow" you, making it a virtual certainty that someone other than your mother actually cares what you think.

I feared I was such a loser not even Holly Bounds would follow me. She's a WSAV Lowcountry reporter and anchor. She follows 1,740 people and 2,075 follow her. Those are not Lady Gaga numbers, but they're impressive to me. Lady Gaga recently became the first Twitter user with 10 million followers. I'm not one of them.

It was nice of Holly -- and my mother -- to follow me, but I trust they realize I have no idea where we're going.

The first place I've taken Twitter is to the shores of Port Royal Sound, where I walk Zoey the dog each morning. Zoey may be a mutt, but she remains the 21st century model of loyalty: "I would follow you even if I didn't own an iPhone."

On our walk each morning, I take a picture and tweet it. The daily pictures have heretofore been caged like a canary in the confines of my wife's Facebook page. Now they fly free, like the bald eagles, snowy egrets and great blue herons that grace our Lowcountry mornings while most of the nation sits in traffic.

Twitter also is a place where it rains and pours a news-like substance.

Thanks to Twitter, I can report that Tuesday was state Sen. Tom Davis' (51st) birthday. And that the conservative Republican from Beaufort seems stunningly hip tweeting about the "cars, weed and tats" that have given the Ohio State University football team a bad name.

On Monday, Davis had lunch at chef David Young's restaurant on Hilton Head Island. Davis tweeted: "Just had a great lunch (blackened red grouper) with Tom Barnwell at Roastfish & Cornbread at 70 Marshland Road on HHI. My district rocks!"

Someone from south of the Broad River responded, "We @SOB hope you're going to stay part of it" after redistricting.

To which the senator tweeted, "Thx. I will be. Maps come out next week."

Newspapers have always been called "history in a hurry." Now it's history on steroids. Won't you follow along?