Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gun control laws won’t stop criminals

I appreciate the recent writer’s explanation about the difference between an assault rifle and the AR-15.

Too many assumptions are made, especially by the media, on types of guns used in criminal acts.

I am sure, however, that the average reader didn’t get much beyond the second paragraph before moving on to another letter or another page. Of course, they should have read on because the last two paragraphs turned out to be the most important (in my opinion): “Gun control laws will never stop criminals from stealing a gun, buying from other criminals ... (and) certainly won’t stop radical Islamic terrorists from killing us.”

This bears repeating over and over and over until the general public understands this.

Most of the individuals who scream for tougher gun laws don’t understand that we already have tough gun laws but they just aren’t always enforced properly or completely.

And most of these same individuals know nothing about guns, how to handle them, how to shoot them, and how to keep them safely stored in a home with children. Those of us with concealed-carry permits have gone through strict classroom and range training and testing. Most of us probably do not carry our guns on a regular basis, but we know we can if we feel the necessity to do so.

Repeat after me: Gun control laws will never stop criminals from obtaining guns, gun control laws will never stop criminals from obtaining guns ...

Sunni Bond Winkler

Hilton Head Island