Letters to the Editor

Letter: Pay Hilton Head workers more

In response to the Aug. 7 reporting on the dwindling workforce on Hilton Head Island. Here’s a novel concept: Pay workers more money.

It is no surprise that hostesses, cooks, bussers, cashiers, front-desk clerks and others who work in low-paying, hourly-wage jobs jump from job to job.

Granted, it is highly irresponsible and, to some of us, unthinkable to not show up for work or quit without notice. However, if employers would start paying hourly employees a living wage, the problem of finding and keeping loyal workers would help Hilton Head’s growing epidemic of lack of workers.

It would be one way to start winning the battle of losing its workforce to Bluffton and Jasper County. More pay also helps toward pride in one’s job.

Ray Kraus

Hilton Head Island