Letters to the Editor

Letter: Do not repeat history

Let’s learn from history, not repeat it.

After World War I, Germany suffered a major economic depression with devastatingly high unemployment. People were frustrated and the established political parties in Germany at that time were seen as unable to bring about the change needed.

Thus Adolf Hitler seduced the German people with a slogan of “Let’s make Germany great again.” In January 1933 Hitler was “legitimately and democratically” elected chancellor and leader of Germany. Together with his great slogan, he had scapegoats ready as to why Germany was being kept down — the Allies for demanding reparations and the Jewish people that he characterized as grasping and with divided loyalties that had helped hand the Allied Powers their victory.

He detailed all of his radical views in his biographical book “Mein Kampf.” Many hoping a more reasonable version of the man would emerge once in power were soon proven wrong.

Once elected, democracy was abolished, enemies were imprisoned or killed and millions of Jewish men, women and children along with millions of others died in concentration camps, as well as the millions of soldiers and innocent civilians on both sides of the Second World War. His grandiose boast of “making Germany great again” led the nation to the darkest moment in its history and its enduring shame.

Members of our current conservative political establishment who have yet to denounce the Trump candidacy for reasons of political expedience would do well to remember that those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.

Gunter Schramm

Hilton Head Island