Letters to the Editor

Letter: Political ‘news’ incredibly biased

I really do enjoy reading your newspaper, especially when it arrives before 9 a.m. The local news reporting is excellent. But I’d like to introduce an opinion held by many local people.

We recognize the owners of the newspaper have a different view of the political world than most South Carolinians. We respect and encourage the owners to voice their political opinions in their newspaper.

But I think most of us would appreciate if the newspaper would place its political “news” section in the editorial section where it belongs. Your political “news” is incredibly biased. If this news were placed and labeled properly in the editorial section all of your readers could read much more efficiently. You see, some of us don’t read the Leonard Pitts, David Brooks and George Will columns because it’s wasted paper.

Yes, I know you all will label me as another white, angry, gun-toting, un-educated redneck Trump supporter. Well you got me half pegged and I appreciate the compliment.

Wes Breinich

Hilton Head Island