Letters to the Editor

Letter: GOP swamped by politics of personal destruction

Donald Trump is the natural result of years of Republican reliance on the politics of personal destruction, always against their political enemies and sometimes used internally.

They tried to ruin Bill Clinton and failed, but in the process ruined the reputations and perhaps the lives of two of their own with sexual problems as politicians. They then favored George W. Bush who, at least in South Carolina, ran with some ugly rumors against John McCain. In Bush’s second run, he vilified thrice-decorated war veteran John Kerry with the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” who were later proven to be liars.

If you own a computer, I do not need to remind you of the trash inundating the Internet, TV and radio about Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton.

Now, enter Donald Trump who slashed 15 or so of his own party with ugly, snide and dirty remarks and won the nomination without one single workable solution in his repertoire.

It is time for the Republican Party to forget this election, close ranks, develop some decent ideas and reinvent itself. It has shown itself to be tied to the past and old ideas, divided and unable to govern.

Far from being a failure, Obama has done a masterful job, and Hillary Clinton with him, of stabilizing our economy, restoring our reputation overseas, and beginning to move us forward. She will continue to do so, hopefully with more progressives in Congress to help get things done for us all.

Susan Britt

Hilton Head Island