Letters to the Editor

Letter: Beaufort gives proper attention to rising seas

Shortly, a final report will be issued from a volunteer citizens’ task force that has been working since 2015 to assess the future impact of rising seas on the City of Beaufort. This is the first task force of its kind in our state. I have had the honor to work with this group on behalf of small businesses.

The good news is that there are resiliency measures that can be taken to protect your vibrant community.

However, this progressive effort conducted without any taxpayer dollars would not have been possible without the leadership of Mayor Billy Keyserling and other members of City Council.

Keyserling not only had the vision of a sustainable Beaufort but actively participated in the monthly task force meetings. His efforts have been a shining example of how other local governments can trust their concerned citizens to be partners in helping to address today’s issues and plan for actions to pass on healthy communities to future generations.

Frank Knapp Jr.

President and CEO

South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce