Letters to the Editor

What did US 'miss' about Barack Obama?

Why does President Barack Obama repeatedly avoid using the term "Islamic terrorist." What am I missing?

No one in my generation owned slaves or tolerated the evil of slavery. Why did the president recently effectively equate current Christianity with such long-ago bigotry? I am a Christian, not a racist. What am I missing?

Our president claims we are the "United States," but actions speak louder than teleprompter words.

Why do he and members of his administration openly, shamefully and intentionally divide Americans on the basis of race, class, gender, economic status and religion?

From an international perspective, foreign friends don't trust us and foreign enemies -- despite presidential appeasement and apologies -- don't respect or fear us.

Americans elected this president. What did we miss?

Did we regrettably miss an adequate understanding of his meaning and intent when he promised a "fundamental transformation" of America?

I pray that Americans do not miss the necessity of voting for fundamental restoration of American pride and traditional values in 2016.

Joe Nelson